U.S.A. to send teams to Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games

U.S.A. to send teams to Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games

BOULDER, Colo. – USA Rugby has officially accepted the International Olympic Committee’s invitation to send one boys and one girls rugby sevens team to the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games.

The Games will be held in China August 16-28. While there is not much preparation time for staff and player selections, USA Rugby is actively working with the United States Olympic Committee to ensure America is represented at this important event.

“It’s very much a short time span to put together two national teams to compete at an Olympic event, but I think it’s awesome for 12 boys and 12 girls to compete at the Youth Olympic Games,” USA Rugby Chief Executive Officer and President of Rugby Operations Nigel Melville said. “We’re currently working out the logistics and selection procedures with the U.S.O.C.”

More information regarding the staff and player selection process will follow in the coming weeks.

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