USA Rugby's first Don Morrison Scholarship recipient to present at NDS

USA Rugby's first Don Morrison Scholarship recipient to present at NDS

USA Rugby is excited to announce Amelia Luciano will be one of many presenters in Philadelphia, Penn., at the National Development Summit Feb. 21-23.

Luciano has been involved with rugby for the past seven years as a coach and a referee and is currently a member of the New England Rugby Referee Society (NERRS). She is the first recipient of the Don Morrison Scholarship through USA Rugby – a program designed to reward young, promising referees through an international exchange.

Her presentation at the 2014 NDS will feature a summary of her trip to New Zealand while she was on exchange, as well as an overview of how the Canterbury Referee Structure can be used as a model to improve referees at a local level.

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Luciano feels better, more informed referees will lead to a safer and more exciting game.

"Increasing referee education will improve the quality of American rugby by exposing all levels of players, especially young players, to positive experiences with referees."
- Amelia Luciano

Luciano’s presentation at the NDS in February will grow on this theme, including the exploration of differences in refereeing abroad and in the United States. She will also suggest ways to improve development of referees in America and the importance of exchanges like hers in a referee’s development.

The National Development Summit is Feb. 21-23 at the Hyatt Regency at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, Penn. For more information on the event or to register, visit the NDS information center.

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