Second annual Stars and Stripes Camp rosters announced

Second annual Stars and Stripes Camp rosters announced

BOULDER, Colo. – USA Rugby announced Thursday the 2014 USA Rugby Stars and Stripes Camp rosters.

The University of Northern Colorado in Greeley will host the second annual Camp, which will see more than 90 boys and girls work with national team and nationally-certified coaches, medical staff, and fitness and nutrition specialists July 13-15 in a high performance environment.

Players will then be split into two teams per gender – two Stars teams and two Stripes teams – for the Stars vs. Stripes matches Wednesday, June 16. Both Stripes teams won the inaugural matches in 2013.

Players invited to this year’s Camp were seen by national selectors at the following six Regional All-Star Tournaments across the country: Great Northwest Challenge in Portland, Ore.; South RAST in Marrieta, Ga.; Challenge Cup in Pittsburgh, Pa.; Midwest All Stars in Elkhart, Ind.; New England Challenge Cup in Devens, Mass.; and Rocky Mountain Challenge in Aurora, Colo.

Thirteen girls and one boy selected for the second Stars and Stripes Camp attended the inaugural Camp last year. Camp graduates Scott Dean, James Gannon, Seth Halliman, Nemia Qoro, Max Roberson, Erik Thompson, and James Viafale joined the USA Rugby AIG Men’s Junior All-Americans earlier this year at the IRB Junior World Rugby Trophy 2014 in Hong Kong, China.

“Last year’s Stars and Stripes Camp opened up so many opportunities for me to further rugby in my life,” returning Camp invitee Ashlee Byrge said. “What I enjoyed the most was the amazing people I met and the exposure I got. From the Camp I was seen by many coaches, which ended up getting me a collegiate scholarship.

“The most important thing I learned from the Camp was how to be a coachable player. It’s hard going from your home team when you are so used to and comfortable with everything to playing at the next level and being shown new and proper technique and skills.

“This year I’m looking forward to stepping onto the pitch and showing the coaches that everything I was taught last year I have practiced and applied to my every-day play. I’m excited to see what new and advanced skills the coaching staff has to offer and teach all of us athletes.”

The Stars and Stripes Camp seeks to bring the nation’s top high school rugby players into a national team environment to prepare the next Eagles and Olympians. For more information, please visit the Stars and Stripes Camp event page.

The Stars vs. Stripes matches Wednesday begin at 8:40 A.M. MT (girls) and 10:00 A.M. MT (boys) and are open to the public. USA Rugby merchandise will also be on sale at the University of Northern Colorado.

USA Rugby Stars and Stripes Camp | Girls Roster

First NameLast NameRegional All-Star TournamentAll-Star Team
AshleeByrgeRocky Mountain ChallengeUtah
DajaCurtisGreat Northwest ChallengeWA Loggers
SheilaDeckerNew England Challenge CupVYRA
AliDeCraneMidwest All StarsOhio
LillyDurbinGreat Northwest ChallengeSocal
TessFeuryChallenge CupNew York
RachelFitchRocky Mountain ChallengeAPEX
EllieFromsteinMidwest All StarsMinnesota
HannaGarciaChallenge CupIndiana
AlannaGirardinNew England Challenge CupMYRO
ReneeGonzalesMidwest All StarsMinnesota
McKenzieHawkinsSouth RASTTenessee
KareeHelgersonGreat Northwest ChallengeRugby Oregon
MataHinganoRocky Mountain ChallengeNorCal
HedvigKarlsonRocky Mountain ChallengeUtah
GraceKiralyMidwest All StarsIndiana
JoieKrahlingChallenge CupPennsylvania
PaigeKrahlingChallenge CupPennsylvania
HaleyLanganNew England Challenge CupVYRA
MayaLearnedRocky Mountain ChallengeColorado
HannahLewandowskiGreat Northwest ChallengeWA Loggers
DiarrLillieGreat Northwest ChallengeSoCal
MeganMackayRocky Mountain ChallengeUtah
IlonaMaherNew England Challenge CupVYRA
AzNalbandianNew England Challenge CupMYRO
MichelNavarroGreat Northwest ChallengeSoCal
KatePaysonChallenge Cup 
EmilyPrenticeGreat Northwest ChallengeWA Loggers
KatRamageChallenge CupNY
AnnemarieReedChallenge CupPennsylvania
AshleyRolsmaGreat Northwest ChallengeWA Loggers
BeccaRoskoRocky Mountain ChallengeAPEX
EmilyRoskopfRocky Mountain Challenge/Great Northwest ChallengeNorcal
AndreaSanabriaMidwest All StarsMinnesota
FrankieSandsNew England Challenge CupVYRA
CaitieSandsNew England Challenge CupVYRA
LindsaySongerGreat Northwest ChallengeNorCal
JordanStewartGreat Northwest ChallengeMontana
SuliTausingaRocky Mountain Challenge/Great Northwest ChallengeNorCal
AbbyTobiasChallenge CupVirginia
FinaToetu'uRocky Mountain ChallengeNorCal
DanielleWalko-SuiaGreat Northwest ChallengeHawaii
CaitlinWeigelMidwest All StarsOhio
LilyWeldonRocky Mountain ChallengeAPEX
ElizabethWilsonChallenge CupVirginia

USA Rugby Stars and Stripes Camp | Boys Roster

First NameLast NameRegional All-Star TournamentAll-Star Team
MalonAl JibooriRocky Mountain ChallengeOklahoma
BryceBeckChallenge CupFlorida V
RyanBradfieldChallenge CupOhio V
MattBrennanGreat Northwest ChallengeWashington V
OllieBrookingsChallenge CupIndiana V
JustinBrownRocky Mountain ChallengeTexas V
BobbyButchofskyRocky Mountain ChallengeTexas V
JackCaseyRocky Mountain ChallengeHOA V
AndrewFraczekChallenge CupIllinois V
JamieGillanChallenge CupMaryland V
RobertGlavinChallenge CupIllinois V
RenzoGonzales PesceRocky Mountain ChallengeTexas V
MateoGowlandNew England Challenge CupConn V
CormacHeaneyGreat Northwest ChallengeSo Cal
SomtochukwuIromuanyaRocky Mountain ChallengeTexas V
AntonioJablonskiRocky Mountain ChallengeHOA V
GaryJonesChallenge CupPennsylvania V
NickKwasniewskiRocky Mountain ChallengeNebraska
AustinLaGowChallenge CupVirginia North V
WyattLattyRocky Mountain ChallengeOklahoma
DomLindstromGreat Northwest ChallengeWashington V
RyanLittlegeorgeRocky Mountain ChallengeNebraska
AedanManganChallenge CupOhio V
MichaelMarinoChallenge CupEmpire City V
ConnorMarshChallenge CupIndiana V
AlexMaughanSouth RASTNorth Carolina
CamdenMcGregorRocky Mountain ChallengeColorado V
DavidMershonRocky Mountain ChallengeHOA V
MatthewMinerRocky Mountain ChallengeUtah Varsity
YohNakayamaNew England Challenge CupConn V
ChristopherNilsonRocky Mountain ChallengeColorado V
SeanO'NeillRocky Mountain ChallengeNebraska
ChaycePannellRocky Mountain ChallengeTexas V
MasonPedersenGreat Northwest ChallengeSo Cal
ConnorPlumbChallenge CupIllinois V
TrevorRothhaasChallenge CupIndiana V
NoahSchraderChallenge CupIndiana V
NickSeimensRocky Mountain ChallengeMinnesota
KrisSheckelsChallenge CupVirginia North V
KellenShockleyRocky Mountain ChallengeHOA V
CourtlandSmithChallenge CupFlorida V
GarrettSoileauRocky Mountain ChallengeTexas V
MannySotoChallenge CupPennsylvania V
ChanceWenglewskiRocky Mountain ChallengeOklahoma
MatthewWilliamsRocky Mountain ChallengeColorado V
LukeWomackRocky Mountain ChallengeTexas V
KevinWooGreat Northwest ChallengeNo Cal
NikkoZuluagaChallenge CupFlorida V

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Comments (6)

  • Guest - tra rugby fan

    I'm wondering why there appears to be a bias against the south... several very good teams in North Carolina (Catholic & Tigers), South Carolina, Georgia, & Tennessee (Father Ryan, Ravenwood, Storm, & S Doyle).

    Specifically, Tennessee seems to have a bias against it. The only players from Tennessee is M. Hawkins and she's probably the best girl in the country... it would be a travesty if USA Rugby didn't include her. Tennessee rugby has one the highest numbers of registered HS players in the country.

    The pattern was like this last year as well. The TN Tri-stars (boys) dominated the South RAST & were stellar in Vegas. The TN Belles were undefeated at theSouth RAST last year and their only close match was against the TN Tri-stars... Several girls were invited to the camp from other southern teams, but only Mackenzie (she really is very good) from TN.

    I notice that some teams, not RASTs tournaments, had as many as five players chosen, yet the South RAST had one girl & boy. What does the South need to do to get more recognition?

  • Guest - Disgruntled Southerner

    Agreed with other post especially in light of EIRA Carolinas being implemented and still no showing for the South to speak of. Couple of TN kids - pretty sure South Carolina won over TN in both boys varsity games that weekend. Something smells.

  • Guest - Disgruntled Southerner

    Correction : realized no TN boys were chosen either.

  • Guest - BigMikeDC

    Where are the NorCal boys?

  • Guest - tra rugby fan

    I understand that there are limitations in discovering talent in the US... The size of our country... The lack of media coverage for our domestic clubs & players... Etc... But they need to have a wider distribution of represented players to promote the continued growth of the sport.

    As I loo at the list of regional tournaments all but 7 guys came from the Challenge Cup & The Rocky Mountain Challenge. According to the sporting goods industry rugby is the fastest growing team sport in the US. We need to build on that momentum and stir interest all around the country, not just in isolated regions.

  • Guest - Tennesse Fan

    Possibly we need to take the best players from SE RAST and have a tournament. Southeast vs. Stars and SE vs. Stripes and Stars vs. Stripes. Most of the SE players just came back from an International tournament (USA Rugby South U19). I'll put my money of the Southeast players winning the tournament. Maybe then the south will be noticed a little more. What do you think USA Rugby?