AIG WJAA roster announced for U20 Nations Cup Final

AIG WJAA roster announced for U20 Nations Cup Final

LONG EATON, England – The USA Rugby AIG Women’s Junior All-Americans have named their starting lineup for the U20 Nations Cup Final against Canada Sunday, July 20. The young Eagles are boosted by the return to fitness of the experienced Hope Rogers in the front row. Rogers is one of only two changes from the team that beat England in the last game.

“The players are all very excited and ready to go,” said Head Coach Danielle Miller. “They’ve worked very hard since the first match against Canada and we’re a much better team than we were then. This is a fantastic group of players and we’re confident they will do something special on Sunday.”

USA Rugby AIG Women's Junior All-Americans | vs. Canada
1. Dorothy Mittow (Princeton)
2. LauraBen Moore (Brandeis University)
3. Hope Rogers (Penn State University)
4. Hannah Price (Clemson, University)
5. Megan Pinson (Fallbrook High School)
6. Kelsey Harris (Penn State University)
7. Elizabeth Cairns (Penn State University)
8. Jordan Gray (BYU)
9. Cassidy Meyers (Kent High School)
10. Anne Peterson (Washington State University)
11. Natalie Kosko (Quinnipiac University)
12. Brianna Troyer (Penn State University)
13. Meya Bizer (Penn State University)
14. Stephanie Browne (University of Florida)
15. Margaret Myles (West Carroll High School)

USA Rugby AIG Women's Junior All-Americans | Reserves
16. Amee Svatos (Pandas Varsity, B.C.)
17. Maxine Fonua (Stanford)
18. Katana Howard (University of Minnesota)
19. Markliann Hoyne (Texas A&M)
20. Nicole Heavirland (Exeter High School)
21. Gabriella Cantorna (State College High School)
22. Miranda Previte (Rutgers University)
23. Stacey Wong (University of California Berkley)

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