AIG WCAAs head to Minnesota for fall tour warmup

AIG WCAAs head to Minnesota for fall tour warmup

EAGAN, Minn. – The USA Rugby AIG Women’s Collegiate All-Americans will warm up for their upcoming fall tour with an exhibition match against the Women’s Premier League’s Twin Cities Amazons Sunday at 10:00 A.M. local time at Lexington-Diffley Athletic Field.

Head Coach Martha Daines has selected a roster of 24 of the country’s best women’s collegiate players to take on the Amazons. Daines held two regional camps earlier this summer and a Top 40 Camp at University of Northern Colorado last month to select this WCAA side.

“The regional camps allowed us to see and work with a large number of players than in previous years,” she said. “The pool of talented players is large. Of the 24 players attending this weekend, only four are returning from last year’s team.”

The WCAAs are tentatively scheduled to head to France in late November/early December for a two- or three-match tour.

“We’ll be using this event to make some final selection decisions about the touring team as well as preparing for the late fall tour,” Daines said. “As such, we have a mix of players at this event – those that will definitely be on the touring traveling squad and some who need another opportunity to compete for the final roster spots.


“We’ve also added some WJAA players that were not available for our July camp. I’m excited to see how they apply their Nations Cup experience to the match this weekend and expect that they will fit seamlessly into the Collegiate All-Americans team.”

Twin Cities Amazons will also be using the exhibition match to prepare for their own season, which kicks off September 7 in a D2 match-up against Menagerie and a September 8 WPL match against San Diego Surfers.

“This match against one of the top WPL teams will be an excellent challenge for the girls,” Daines said. “They will need to adjust to the physicality and pace of play to be successful.”


USA Rugby AIG Women's Collegiate All-Americans | v. Twin Cities Amazons
Baylee Annis
Elena Cantorna
Joya Clark
Aoibheann Cline
Zoi Colbert
Noorin Dorosti
Maxine Fonua
Kaitlyn Foss
Stephanie Goetz
Markliann Hoyne
Aubrey Huey
Ariel Johnson
Bailey Johnson
Cheryl Johnson
Kate Kloster
Dorothy Mittow
Leslie Ota
Erin Overcash
Erika Pederson
Jennifer Sever
Samantha Starta
Shannon Steele
Kristen Thomas
Lyndsie White

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