Glendale repeats as WPL Champion

Atlanta 7s dates announced

PRO Rugby set to launch in April 2016

London Irish v. Saracens

World Cup 2015 ends with loss for Eagles

World Cup coming to America

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USA Rugby launches new concussion policy

Host a championship event

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Club 7s ends in Des Moines

College 7s champions crowned in Denver

College 15s National Championships recaps

  • #WPLRugby

    Glendale 26-17 Berkeley
  • #Atlanta7s

    April 8-9, 2016
    Fifth Third Bank Stadium at Kennesaw State University
  • NDS

    Jan. 22-24, 2016
    San Francisco
  • PRO Rugby

    Professional rugby coming in 2016
  • D1A Rugby

    The premier college competition kicks off 2015-16
  • London Irish v. Saracens

    March 12, 2016
    Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ
  • RWC 2015

    USA 18-28 JPN
  • NACRA Sevens

    Men, women qualify for Rio 2016
  • RWC Sevens

    San Francisco Bay Area to host World Cup
  • Social Media

    Share your experiences with USA Rugby
  • SafeSport

    Program website launched
  • Concussion Policy

    USA Rugby launches new concussion policy
  • Championships

    Strengthen the bond between club and community
  • Club 7s

    ARPTC, Seattle win titles in Iowa
  • College 7s

    Lindenwood, Penn State, James Madison take titles
  • College Championships

    WDI: PSU 61-7 CWU
    WDII: NDC 69-10 UCR
    MD1AA: UCF 15-18 UCD
    MD1A: LIFE 24-30 SMC

USA Rugby

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