Eagles nearly defeat Fiji in France

Selections made for Dubai

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Eagles head to Dubai for Series opener

Get tickets to World Series leg in Georgia

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Girls High School All-Americans announced

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USAR reaches 10-year agreement with IMG

Broadcast schedule announced for World Cup

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Coaches: protect your team

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USA Rugby launches new concussion policy

  • Men's Eagles

    USA 14-20 FIJ
  • Men's Eagles Sevens

    Emirates Dubai Rugby Sevens
    Dec. 5-6
  • Women's Eagles Sevens

    Emirates Dubai Rugby Sevens
    Dec. 4-5
  • Atlanta 7s

    Tickets starting at just $12!
  • USAvAllBlacks

    USA 6-74 All Blacks

    Serevi Rugby to sponsor newest All-American program
  • College Rugby

    USA Rugby partners with IMG
  • RWC 2015

    Watch the World Cup on Universal Sports, NBC
  • Coaching

    Update your coaching membership status
  • SafeSport

    Program website launched
  • Wheelchair Rugby

    Visit USAWR.org
  • App Launch

    Download the Official USA Rugby App today!
  • Concussion Policy

    USA Rugby launches new concussion policy
  • Social Media

    Share your experiences with USA Rugby

    Read WorkForIt Profiles

    USA Rugby is #WORKFORIT Rugby

USA Rugby

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