Eagles finish pool play at Amsterdam Sevens undefeated

Eagles finish pool play at Amsterdam Sevens undefeated

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – Women’s Eagles Sevens captain Vanesha McGee scored two tries to lead her team to a 10-5 victory against Australia in the last match of the pool round at Amsterdam Sevens, the final leg of the inaugural IRB Women’s Sevens World Series.

Jillion Potter opened got the crowd going on the opening kickoff with a huge hit, forcing Australia to knock the ball on and turn over possession. The Eagles stayed within 20 meters of Australia’s try zone but could not find a way to score. Eventually, Australia regained possession and kicked the ball to midfield, where McGee gathered the ball and ran into the try zone for a 5-0 lead.

The remainder of the first half saw more damaging tackles by Potter and try-saving defensive work from Deven Owsiany and McGee. The Eagles threatened to score with the ball close to the Australia try zone, but good tackling by the Australians allowed them to escape the half only down 5-0.

In the ninth minute, Australia’s offense started moving the ball towards the Eagles’ try zone, and successful tackling was eventually trumped by Australia’s strength in numbers. Nikki Etheridge used a gap on the right side of the field to level the score at 5-5.

Victoria Folayan almost added her fifth try of the tournament a minute later with a great move to free herself from a diving defender, but was taken down with only ten meters to go. Her run gave the Eagles the field position they needed and after repeated attacking phases McGee picked up the ball from the ruck for an easy score and the lead, 10-5.

The Eagles had the ball with less than a minute remaining and only needed to run down the clock, but a penalty resulted in Australia possession. With ten seconds left, an Australian attacker found space between Eagles defenders and was on her way to a try until Potter came from behind her and knocked the ball loose. Kimber Rozier picked the ball up on the run and kicked it into touch for the end of the match.

The Eagles finished 3-0 in Pool C and will participate in the Cup Quarterfinals Saturday. Australia also advances to the Cup competition with a 2-1 pool record. Follow along with the Women’s Eagles Sevens Twitter @USAWomens7s to find out who they will play in the Quarterfinals and watch Amsterdam Sevens live at wsws.irb.com.

Women's Eagles Sevens | vs. Australia
Jillion Potter
Kelly Griffin
Vanesha McGee
Deven Owsiany
Sadie Anderson
Bui Baravilala
Victoria Folayan
Kimber Rozier
Emilie Bydwell
Katie Dowty
Christy Ringgenberg
Nathalie Marchino

Women's Eagles Sevens | vs. Australia
Tries: McGee (2)

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