China ends Eagles' Bowl hopes in Guangzhou

China ends Eagles' Bowl hopes in Guangzhou

GUANGZHOU, China – Jillion Potter scored the Women’s Eagles Sevens’ only try in a 17-7 loss to China Sunday in the Guangzhou Women’s Sevens Bowl Semifinal.

On a rainy morning in Guangzhou, both teams struggled early to get continuity. The conditions caused multiple knock-ons, meaning several scrums, slowing down the pace of play.

It took four minutes for either team to find the other’s side of the field and China’s Chen Keyi stepped around and passed Alev Kelter 15 meters out to open the scoring. Yu Xiaoming kicked the conversion for a 7-0 lead.

The Eagles got the ball from the restart and started passing before Dana Meschisi lost the ball forward near the 22. Instead of the referee blowing the whistle immediately, China kept possession and moved it across the field, eventually getting it to Xiaoming for her team’s second try. Her second conversion was unsuccessful, keeping the Eagles close at 12-0.

Elana Meyers pushed the Eagles further than they had been all half in the final minute, but she could not get away from her defender. The Eagles kept possession and sniffed the try line but turned the ball over once again. China kicked to touch to signal the end of the half.

It was more of the same for the Eagles in the second half, with several dropped passes halting any type of momentum for Ric Suggitt’s team at least four times in four minutes.

In the 12th minutes, captain Amelia Villines got within 10 meters of the try line for the Eagles’ best attack of the match. She was brought to the ground and found an onrushing Potter with a well-placed pass for the Eagles’ first try. Villines nailed the conversion, as well, bringing the Eagles within a try at 12-7.

It took less than a minute for China to put the nail in the Eagles’ coffin, as Liu Yang found a hole at midfield for a long run and try. Xiaoming’s conversion was wide, but it did not matter; the Eagles ran out of time and lost 17-7.

Ireland defeated Brazil 15-0 in the other Bowl Semifinal, setting up the next Olympic Summer Games host for an 11th-place match at Guangzhou Uni Town Stadium. Watch the match live on the IRB Women’s Sevens World Series website and follow @USARugby on Twitter for live match updates.

Women's Eagles Sevens | v China
1. Victoria Folayan
2. 2Kelly Griffin
3. Jillion Potter
4. Deven Owsiany
5. Amelia Villines
6. Lauren Doyle
7. Elana Meyers
8. Shaina Turley
9. Lorrie Clifford
10. Dana Meschisi
11. Alev Kelter
12. Rebekah Siebach

Women's Eagles Sevens | 7
Tries: Potter
Conversions: Villines

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