Samantha Pankey

  • Caps: 6
  • Birthday: 08/06/83
  • Position: Flanker
  • Secondary Position: Hooker
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 160
  • Club: James River R.F.C. (USA)
  • College: East Carolina University
  • High School: Buckingham County (VA)
  • Hometown: Buckingham, VA
  • Twitter: @sap34
When and how did you start playing rugby?
After my college basketball career ended, I played many, many sports. During flag football season, a friend asked me, "Why don't you play a real sport?" So, I took her up on that suggestion and was introduced to rugby.
What is the best thing about being a USA pool player?
Being in the company of my fellow freaks and sorcerers (elite athletes, who are not only extremely hard-working and dedicated, but great humans).
Significant Non-Rugby Achievements
NCAA Academic all-American National strength and conditioning all-American Graduated summa cum laude from ECU.
What does representing your country mean to you?
Not only is it an accomplishment of which I am very proud, it is an honor--an honor that has made me better at rugby and better at life. It means that I have done something productive with myself, but it also means that I play for 300 million people. And though most probably wouldn't know a rugby ball from a tiddlywink, there are some who do, and what's more there may be one who watches a match or two and says to herself, "I am going to be better than Sam Pankey when I'm her age." And that is the blossoming of something great, and that is the best part.