Erin Overcash

Erin Overcash
  • Birthday: 11/29/90
  • Position: Full-Back
  • Secondary Position: Center
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 155
  • Club: Glendale Raptors R.F.C. (USA)
  • College: University of Colorado
  • Hometown: Goshen, KY
When and how did you start playing rugby?
I started playing rugby in my sophomore year of college. I wandered into the student recreation center looking for something new to do and one of the CU rugby girls grabbed me and brought me to their meeting.
What is the best thing about being a USA pool player?
The best part about being in the USA pool is getting to know all of the amazing women who play this sport at the highest levels. They are some of the most incredible role models I know.
Significant Non-Rugby Achievements
  • 2x High School State Champion: High Jump
  • Aerospace Engineering Honor Society at Colorado University
  • Completed 2012 Ironman Triathlon in Louisville, KY
What does representing your country mean to you?
To put on the USA Jersey means that you represent the best your country has to offer the world, both on and off the pitch. It requires a lifestyle of hard work, discipline, and a positive attitude to cultivate the best in yourself, which is what the spirit of rugby is all about at its core.