Women's National Teams Gather for Elite Camp

Women's National Teams Gather for Elite Camp

The Women's Colleigate All-Americans, Eagles Sevens, and Eagle Fifteens teams are set to gather for a High Performance Camp next week in Lakeland, Fla.. In an unprecedented "Elite Camp" the head coaches of the Women's Eagles, Eagle Sevens and Collegiate All-Americans have decided to pool all of the potential athletes into one camp where all players will be examined by each program.


In an attempt to broaden the player pool, scout more players at once, and integrate all the respective teams into similar structures head coaches of the Women's Eagle Sevens, Eagle Fifteens, and Collegiate All-Americans have opted to host a winter "Elite Camp" at the Detriot Tigers' Spring Training Facility in Lakeland, Florida taking place from Jan. 11-15.


Attending the camp will be the respective coaches of the Eagles, Eagle Sevens and Women's Collegiate All-Americans.


Pete Steinberg, head coach of the Women's Fifteens National Team, has invited many new faces for a chance to represent the US in the upcoming spring and summer international season.


In attendance for the fifteens team will be various standout performers from this last fall's Women's Club season including Lynelle Kugler of the Twin Cities Amazons and Phoebe Boone of the Berkeley All Blues along with many other athletes from Women's Premier League and Division level clubs.


Ric Suggitt, the head coach of the Women's Eagles Sevens, has opted to use this opportunity to bring in some fresh faces to the competition but essentially continue to work with the team he named back in Novemeber for the Dubai Sevens.  


Included in the invitees to the sevens of the camp are familiar names such as Nathalie Marchino, Deven Owsiany, Pam Kosanke, and Irene Gardner along with many other veterans. However, Coach Ric Suggitt has also broadened his horizon by bringing in promising athletes who hope to shine in the Olympic version of the game. These fresh faces include Cat Parkhill, Akalaini Baravilala, and Amy Naber.


Joing the two senior level National Teams in camp this week will be the Women's Collegiate All-Americans (WCAAs). In an excitng effort to give the WCAAs experience in high performance rugby, Head Coach Martha Daines has named a roster full of talent and youth. The invitees, including top players from such college programs like Penn State and Noriwch University, are looking forward to training in the High Performance environment along side current Eagles and National Team Coaches.


This is a massive opportunity for all involved and this "Elite camp" should produce some exciting results come game time for all the National Teams involved. The complete list of invitees to the camp can be found below.


Invitees to Women's Eagle Sevens Camp: 

Name Height Weight Current Team
Deven Owsiany 5'4'' 135 Penn State
Kimber Rozier 5'3 135 UNC Chapel Hill
Corey Fredericks 5'6" 160 New Orleans Half Moons
Kelly Griffin 5'4" 140 Berkeley All Blues
Sadie Anderson 5' 4" 143 Penn State
Kaelene Lundstrum 6'0'' 165 Twin Cities Amazons
Pam Kosanke 5'6" 153 Chicago North Shore
Lauren Hoeck 5'9'' 160 NOVA
Ryan Carlyle 5'5" 138 Raleigh Venom
Irene Gardner 5'4" 125 Berkeley All Blues
Katie Dowty 5'6" 140 Beantown
Jane Paar 5' 5" 150 Navy Womens Rugby
Katie Lorenz 5'7" 150 Asheville Women's Club
Crisitna Mastrangelo 5'2" 135 Chicago North Shore
Tyra Mcgrady 5'2" 140 Glendale Raptors
Emilie Bydwell 5'11" 163 San Diego Surfers
Eilzabeth Black 5'6" 138 NOVA Women's Rugby Team
Victoria Folayan 5'5" 160 Berkeley All Blues
Cade Jayda Hildreth 5'8" 165 Sydenham Rugby, KUSA Rugby (New Zealand)
Nathalie Marchino 5'7" 145 Berkeley All Blues
Cat Parkhill 5'7" 155 N/A
Akalaini Baravilala 5'6" 160 Provo Steelers
Rebekah Siebach 5'5" 135 Womens Cougar Rugby
Amy Daniels 5'10 165 Beantown
Natasha Kai 5`8 135 N/A
Vanesha McGee 5'8" 165 NYRC
Jessica Peterson 5'4" 145 Beantown
Amy Naber 5'5" 150 University of Arizona
Christy Ringgenberg 5'8'' 145 Minnesota Valkyries
Kathryn Pavao 5'3'' 122 N/A
Elaine Gardner 5'2" 125 Berkeley All Blues
Kayla Vlachos 5'6" 131 University of Central Florida


Invitees to the Women's Collegiate All-Americans Camp: 

Melissa Krug 5'4" 185 University of Minnesota Women's Rugby
Amelia Villines 5'6'' 145 Stanford University 
Colleen Carey 5'7 165 University of Colorado Boulder
Nwakaego Onyekwere 5'5 190 Penn State
Alicia Washington 5'11'' 186 University of Connecticut
Brittany Houston 5'1" 160 UW-Milwaukee
Amelia Bizer 5'8" 161 N/A
Hannah Lockwood  5'5'' 130 Oregon State Womens Rugby
Evelyn Ashenbrucker 5'9" 178 UC San Diego Tritons
Jennifer Sandifer 5' 7" 165 US Naval Academy Women's Rugby Team
Rachel Ryan 5'8" 175 Wyoming Women's Rugby
Kyandrea Mcknight 5'6" 165 University of Central Florida
Kristi Jackson 5'7" 140 Women's Couger Rugby
Samantha Wright 5'8" 142 Women's Cougar Rugby
Shakeela Faulkner 5'2" 135 Brown University
Mackenzie Lewis 5'8" 150 Colorado Mesa University Women's Rugby Team
Wendy Sherman 5'11" 190 Colorado State University Women's Rugby
Kyle Armstrong 5'10'' 160 Penn State
Kaitlyn Kelly 5'8'' 160 West Point (Army)
Grace Hovde 5'11" 180 University of Wisconsin, Madison
Maureen Kelly 5' 6" 165 North Carolina State University Women's Rugby Club 
Mileka Grager 5'9" 190 Washington State Univerity
Megan Bonny 5'8" 155 Washington State University
Simone Lumsden 5'6" 155 University of Texas at Austin
Jessica Peterson 5'4" 135 East Carolina University
Anne McCarthy 5'2'' 128 University of North Carolina
Margaret Leonard 5'6" 160 Penn State 
Elena Cantorna 5'3" 150 Penn State
Mary McCarthy 5'5" 135 University of Michigan
Blaine Martin 5'5" 145 Brown Univeristy
Carrie Moss 5'7'' 170 UNC-Chapel Hill
Debbie Stenoien 4'3" 135 University of Minnesota
Kelsey Mcilonie 5'5" 190 UC San Diego
Autumn Murrill 5'6'' 140 Austin Valkyries
Chelsea Garber 5' 8" 140 Brown Women's Rugby Football Club
Gabrielle Dixon 5' 1" 130 Longwood University
Ashley Okonta 5'9" 150 University of Notre Dame Women's Rugby Club
Stacia Simonsen 5'5'' 145 University of Michigan
Hannah Bushey 5'9" 172 Norwich University Women Rugby Club
Julia Fortkort 5'5" 150 Texas Women's Rugby
Kiana Saluni 5'11" 190 Oregon State
Chloe Harper 5'8 150 University of Tennessee

Invitees to the Women's Eagle Fifteens Camp:


Laura Miller 5'9'' 170 London Saracens
Hannah Stolb 5'9" 153 Glendale
Frances Wehrwein 5'6" 170 Stanford University
Sylvia Braaten 5'8 155 Twin Cities Amazons
Kathryn Johnson 5'10" 145 UW-Milwaukee
Kittery Wagner 5'4" 160 Glendale
Kathleen Daley 5'8" 175 Chicago Northshore
Stacey Bridges 5'11" 175 Twin Cities Amazons
Rachel Primo 5'3" 165 NOVA
Annie Zeigler 5'3'' 140 N/A
Ashley Kmiecik 5'4" 140 Emerald City Mudhens
Sarah Wilson 5"9" 190 Glendale
Desiree Markovich 5'6" 138 Twin Cities Amazons
Erica Cavanaugh 5'4'' 160 NOVA
Molly Kinsella 6'3" 209 Stanford Women's Rugby
Anne McClain 5' 7" 170 Atlanta
Rebecca Brafman 5'6'' 167 New York Rugby Club
Lisa Butts 5'3 165 ORSU
Jamie Burke 5'9.5" 200 Raleigh
Mel Denham 5'5" 160 Beantown
Claire Ray 5'10" 190 North Shore Women's Rugby
Jillion Potter 5'10'' 175 Glendale
Shaina Turley 5'9" 175 San Diego Surfers
Sarah Walsh 6'1'' 204 Chicago North Shore
Stacey Baker 5'9" 230 Keystone
Lynelle Kugler 5'8" 160 Twin Cities Amazons
Allison Worman 5'8" 160 Keystone
Samantha Pankey 5'7" 157 James River Rugby
caroline White 5'3'' 140 Seattle Breakers
Sharon Blaney 5'10" 187 ORSU
Melissa Smit 55 160 Belmont Shore
Francine Bray 6'2" 182 Austin Valkyries
Tiffany Gjestvang 6'1" 195 Twin Cities Amazons
Elizabeth Fierman 5' 8" 205 Beantown
Krisitn Giuliano 5'10" 170 Washington DC Furies
Jeanna Beard 5'6" 170 Washington DC Furies
Sarah Chobot 5'8" 185 Minnesota Valkyries
Lauren Daly 5'9" 170 Minnesota Valkyries
Amanda Kingzett 5'7" 166 Twin Cities Amazons
Kathryn Augustyn 5'5" 163 Berkeley All Blues
Kaitlin Joerger 5'10" 200 NOVA WRFC
Lucy Croy 5'10" 185 Berkeley All Blues
Ashley Mulford 5'1" 142 Twin Cities Amazons
Phoebe Boone 5'6" 153 Berkeley All Blues
Jaime Lange 6'0" 175 Glendale
Bethany Wilson 5'8" 145 Glendale
Marea Blue 5' 5'' 150 San Diego Surfers
Andrea Prusinski 5'9'' 165 Glendale
Jennifer Lui 5'4" 132 Chicago North Shore
Nicole Humphrey 5'6" 150 New York Rugby Club
Tonya Ansel 5'7" 140 Glendale
San Juanita Moreno 5'6 145 ORSU
Joanna Kitlinski  5'8 168 N/A 
Deanna McGillivray 5'7" 170

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