Women's Eagles set for February ETCs

Women's Eagles set for February ETCs

BOULDER, Colo. -- The journey to the World Cup continues for the Women’s Eagles with Eagle Training Centers hosting training sessions for pool players. Four sites are set to host smaller assemblies Feb. 8-9, while another hosts its camp Feb. 15-16.

Denver, Minneapolis, Palo Alto, and Chula Vista ETCs will host parts of the Women’s Eagles progression this coming weekend with the State College ETC following a week later.

General fitness assessments will be interlaced with tactical sessions throughout the two-day ETC events.

“There is a lot to be covered from a technical skill standpoint and we need to make sure players are improving in fitness,” Eagles Head Coach Pete Steinberg said. “The camps are essential for us in moving forward and getting to where we want to be come August.”

Steinberg furthered the importance of the ETC sites hosting events leading up to the World Cup.

“Since the U.S. is such a large country, it is incredibly difficult and impractical to have full team assemblies every month,” he said. “The ETCs give us the ability to achieve full team assembly goals but on a smaller scale in terms of participating players.”

For the upcoming ETC assemblies, three on-field sessions will be coupled with two classroom sessions, two weight room sessions, and a video session to pack the limited schedule.

“It’s going to be a lot for the players to handle mentally,” Steinberg said. “However, it is more about extending what was learned in the January assembly and applying it at a faster pace.”

Getting players repetitions is a main priority for Steinberg on the weekend.

“We need players to get as many repetitions as possible so that everyone can improve the skills we need to implement out patterns,” he said. “Since we don’t get the chance to assemble as often as we’d like, we have to give them as many opportunities now to understand the patterns of play we will be using.”

Following the ETC assemblies, the Eagles will travel to Canada for a two-test series with the northern foe April 11-20. Tentative games are slated for April 15 and 19, respectively. Locations and times for the matches have yet to be determined.

The IRB Women’s Rugby World Cup 2014 is scheduled for Aug. in Paris. The Eagles have been grouped with Ireland, Kazakhstan and New Zealand for the tournament.

Support the Eagles in their quest for “Final in ‘14” by following the team via Facebook and Twitter (@USAWomenRugby).

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