Suggitt Releases Guangzhou Women's Sevens Roster

Suggitt Releases Guangzhou Women's Sevens Roster

BOULDER, Colo. – USA Rugby announced today the Women’s Eagles Sevens squad for the third round of the IRB Women’s Sevens World Series in Guangzhou, China. The Guangzhou Women’s Sevens will be held from March 30-31.

Emilie Bydwell, Ryan Carlyle and Kimber Rozier will not make the trip to China, with Sadie Anderson, Irene Gardner and Meya Bizer replacing them. Bui Baravilala is in the final stages of a complete recovery.

“This squad gives us a chance to look at a couple of other players and how they fare in international competition,” Women’s Eagles Sevens Head Coach Ric Suggitt said. “For the final selection for the Rugby World Cup Sevens, we need to have a good look at them in that environment.”

Anderson, Gardner and Bizer are all making their debut appearance on the Women’s Sevens World Series circuit. Gardner helped the Women’s Eagles Sevens during the 2011-12 tour and Bizer is a Women’s Eagles 15s pool player. Anderson is currently in the residency program at the Olympic Training Center.

“All three add something. Irene is diligent in her work away from us – she has a good attitude, good pass and can tackle. Meya’s another young player and captain of the under-20s. We’re glad to have her with us. Meya’s demonstrated before that she has some of those attributes that we’ve been looking for in our program.”

Suggitt’s Eagles will open play in Guangzhou Women’s Sevens Pool C against Fiji, who has not yet played in this year’s Series, before they take on host China in their second match. In a Houston Sevens Cup Final rematch, the Eagles will finish pool play against England.

“We’ve had some really good draws in this Series,” Suggitt said. “I’m happy to draw England. For me, they’re probably the number one team in the world right now. They have good speed, good size; the more games we can get against them the better off we are.

“I’m happy about the chance to play Fiji because we’ve never seen them. Plus, we’ll have them in the World Cup, so we’ll get a good gauge on their strengths. We’ve had pretty good success against China in the last eighteen months, so if we can keep pressure on them it will give us good momentum for London and Amsterdam.”

Currently in sixth place with 24 points – two less than fourth place Russia and South Africa – the Eagles boast four of the top-25 points scorers in Nathalie Marchino (40), Victoria Folayan (30), Christy Ringgenberg (26) and captain Vanesha McGee (25).

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USA Women’s Sevens | Guangzhou Women’s Sevens
Sadie Anderson
Meya Bizer
Katie Dowty
Lauren Doyle
Victoria Folayan
Irene Gardner
Kelly Griffin
Nathalie Marchino
Vanesha McGee
Deven Owsiany
Jillion Potter
Christie Ringgenberg

Eagles Schedule | Guangzhou Women’s Sevens
vs. Fiji – 10:22 P.M. ET Friday, March 29
vs. China – 12:44 A.M. ET Saturday, March 30
vs. England – 3:04 A.M. ET Saturday, March 30

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  • Guest - Monique Measures

    USA rugby I LOVE to get updates about the 7's team, but I think this press release left something to be desired. First of all it seems as if all you did is quote Suggitt and provided no paraphrasing in the article which is necessary to most publications. It did not flow and seemed poorly constructed. Secondly, while I understand it is a competitive pool and each player is fighting for a position I don't find it necessary for you to single out the people that did not make the squad. Actually, I find it rather mean. Thank you for keeping us informed and as always we are grateful for the information.

  • Guest - Vivian Brady

    In reply to: Guest - Monique Measures

    Nice article. I've never written a comment on an article or a reply to a comment but when I read Ms. Measures comment I just felt like I wanted to ask her a why? Why did you write a comment publicy degrading somebody else's work after saying you love to get updates and then later on thanking USA Rugby for the article? You say that it's mean to mention the players who are not attending but you flat out tell this writer how poorly you think his work is? Doesn't make much sense to me but life isn't fair huh? Everyone is an critic or in your case a critic and an editor.

    My opinion is I'm glad Coach Suggitt decided to throw in some new people. Good for those players, congrats ladies!