Stripes win first scrimmage at Top 60 Camp

Stripes win first scrimmage at Top 60 Camp

GREELEY, Colo. -- Stripes opened the Top 60 camp and scrimmages in dominant fashion, defeating Stars 34-3. Just a day after arriving at the University of Northern Colorado, the more experienced Stripes squad utilized its abilities in wearing down the Stars to claim the first match of the series.

Stripes fullback Meya Bizer made her name known, having accounted for 14 of her team’s points on the day.

In total, six tries would be run across for Stripes, whom dominated the contest from the opening whistle. Winger Ashley Kmiecik initiated the scoring with a try just minutes into the match.

Despite a quick response from Stars inside center Aly Gleason, the penalty goal was the only score Stripes conceded all match.

Defense was the name of the game in the first half. After allowing quick scores, both teams became stringent on the defensive side of the ball, bending at points, but standing firm when it was needed.

Despite the work rate of Stars, Stripes was able to capitalize late in the half with two tries. Bizer dotted down with minutes remaining, while lock Sharon Blaney scored on the final play of the half for a 17-3 Stripes lead at the break.

The momentum taken into halftime by Stripes proved to be too much for the Stars to overcome in the ensuing half. Before the game was out, an additional three tries would be posted on the scoreboard in favor of Stripes.

Shaina Turley scored first and was followed by fellow back-row player Ashley Kingzett, before Bizer notched her second try of the day.

Bizer was able to convert on both of her scores to account for the 34-3 final score.

The next scrimmage is scheduled for Wednesday, May 22, at 2 P.M. MT.

Stars | Top 60 Camp Scrimmage
1. Hope Rogers
2. Devin Keller (Ryan @ 50)
3. Elizabeth Fierman (Augustyn @ 21)
4. Sarah Walsh
5. Emily Van Gulik (Bray @ 61)
6. Laura Miller
7. Lynelle Kugler (Phiel @ 40)
8. Mel Denham (Zdanczewicz @ 50)
9. Jennifer Lui (Cantorna @ 61)
10. Anne Peterson
11. Valerie Griffeth (Moreno @ 40)
12. Aly Gleason
13. Leilani Martin
14. Amanda Street
15. Jessica Wooden

16. Katy Augustyn
17. Rachel Ryan
18. Francine Bray
19. Kristin Zdanczewicz
20. Christiane Phiel
21. Elena Cantorna
22. Sylvia Braaten
23. San Juanita Moreno

Stripes | Top 60 Camp Scrimmage
1. Naima Reddick (Chabot @ 50)
2. Joanna Kitlinski (Wagner @ 66)
3. Jessica Davis (Wilson @ 50)
4. Sharon Blaney (Kinsella @ 40)
5. Lauren Daly
6. Amanda Kingzett
7. Phoebe Boone (Pankey @ 50)
8. Kate Daley (Turley @ 40)
9. Caroline White
10. Hannah Stolba
11. Ashley Kmiecik
12. Megan Bonny
13. Evan Hoese (O’Malley @ 50)
14. Lizzy Bristow (Lundstrum @ 50)
15. Meya Bizer

16. Sarah Chobot
17. Kittery Wagner
18. Sarah Wilson
19. Molly Kinsella
20. Shaina Turley
21. Samantha Pankey
22. Kaelene Lundstrum
23. Katie O’Malley

Stars | 3
Penalties: Gleason

Stripes | 34
Tries: Kmiecik, Bizer (2), Blaney, Turley, Kingzett
Conversions: Bizer (2)

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