Steinberg releases Can-Am Series roster

Steinberg releases Can-Am Series roster

BOULDER, Colo. -- Familiar names surround new faces in the Women’s Eagles’ selections for the Can-Am series. Twenty-eight players have been named for a two-match series against Canada in Victoria, British Columbia.

In the first tests of the year, Eagles Head Coach Pete Steinberg is hoping to try out not only different patterns of play, but lineup combinations, as well.

“These aren’t final selections for the World Cup,” noted Steinberg. “These selections are for us to try different combinations and see what we are capable of in regard to our patterns of play.”

While some veteran players are making the trip, the hope is to see what some of the other athletes can do in an international contest.

“This is just a chance for us to see new players compete in an international environment,” said Steinberg. “Players may play a lot differently than what we have seen in camps and some players might play differently with being away from home for an extended period of time.

“There are a lot of factors that play into how players perform and these are the things that we are looking for and trying to sort out before we head to France in August.”

The new faces will have a great deal of experience around them, however, as Shaina Turley gets the nod at captain for the Women’s Eagles. In addition, Jamie Burke brings her team-record 42 caps to the tour.

Thirteen players who suited up for the Women’s Eagles’ Nations Cup 29-17 victory against Canada in August have been selected for the current tour, as well.

In the contest at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, Colo., five selected players were able to contribute to the scoring on the day.

Sarah Chobot was able to cross the try line twice, coming on as a reserve. The prop was joined with tries from Lynelle Kugler and Kristen Zdanczewicz, while Kimber Rozier and Meya Bizer contributed a conversion kick each.

Nathalie Marchino accounted for a fifth try during the match.

Also selected for a rematch are Katy Augustyn, Stacey Bridges, Emilie Bydwell, Erica Cavanaugh, Kate Daley, and Sarah Wilson.

Three players will vie for their first caps during the tour in Amanda Kingzett, Tess Kohanski, and Jacie Vonada.

Matches for the Eagles are scheduled for April 15 and 19.

The contest Tuesday will take place at Shawnigan Lake School in Mill Bay at 3:30 P.M. PT (6:30 P.M. ET). For Saturday, Westhills Stadium in Langford is slated to host a 3:00 P.M. PT (6:00 P.M. ET) kickoff.

The Women’s Eagles’ tour will run from April 11-21.

Women’s Eagles | Can-Am Tour
Sadie Anderson, (Penn State WRFC) Fort Collins, Colo.
Katy Augustyn, (Berkeley All Blues WRC) Antigo, Wisc.
Libby Berg, (Minnesota Valkryies) Albert Lea, Minn.
Meya Bizer, (Penn State WRFC) The Woodlands, Texas
Sharon Blaney, (Oregon Sports Union RC) Braintree, Mass.
Phoebe Boone, (Berkeley All Blues WRC) Oakland, Calif.
Stacy Bridges, (Twin Cities Amazons WRC) Robinson, Texas
Jamie Burke, (Glendale Raptors RFC) Chesapeake, Va.
Emilie Bydwell, (San Diego Surfers WRC) Montreal, Quebec
Erica Cavanaugh, (Northern Virginia WRFC) Ashland, Va.
Sarah Chobot, (Glendale Raptors WRC) Medon, Mich.
Kate Daley, (North Shore Chicago WRC) Mishawaka, Ind.
Mel Denham, (Beantown RFC) Norwell, Mass.
Amanda Kingzett, (Twin Cities Amazons WRC) Ellendale, N.D.
Molly Kinsella, (Toronto Saracens RFC) Hinsdale, Ill.
Tess Kohanski, (Beantown RFC) East Lyme, Conn.
Lynelle Kugler, (Twin Cities Amazons WRC) New Raymer, Colo.
Jennifer Lui, (North Shore Chicago WRC) Ridgway, Penn.
Erin Overcash, (Glendale Raptors RFC) Goshen, Ky.
Samantha Pankey, (James River RFC) Buckingham, Va.
Naima Reddick, El Cerrito, Calif.
Kimber Rozier, Raleigh, N.C.
Amanda Street, (Washington WRFC) Princeton, W. Va.
Shaina Turley, (Women's Eagles Sevens-WCAP/San Diego Surfers WRC) Fox Lke, Ill.
Jacie Vonada
Carrie White, (Seattle RFC) San Jose, Calif.
Sarah Wilson, (Glendale Raptors RFC) Westerville, Ohio

Women's Eagles | Non-Traveling Reserves
Sylvia Braaten, (Twin Cities Amazons WRC) Waterford, Wisc.
Lauren Daly, (San Diego Surfers WRC) Boulder, Colo.
Ashley Kmiecik, (Emerald City Mudhens) Seattle, Wash.
Anne Peterson (Washington State University WRC) Arusha, Tanzania
Hope Rogers, (Penn State WRFC) Chambersburg, Penn.
Kittery Wagner, (Glendale Raptors RFC) Fort Collins, Colo.
Sarah Walsh, (Berkeley All Blues WRC) Baltimore, Md.
Kristen Zdanczewicz, (Minnesota Valkyries RC) Brew City, Wisc.

Women's Eagles | Coaching Staff

Peter Steinberg - Head Coach
Peter Baggetta - Defense
Richard Ashfield - Backs
Farrah Douglas - Forwards/Scrums
Johnathan Atkeison - Performance Analyst/Lineout
Paul Cater - Strength & Conditioning
Ian Jones - Asst. Strength & Conditioning
Roshna Wunderlich - Manager

April 15, 2014
Shawnigan Lake School, Mill Bay, BC
3:30 P.M. PT

April 19, 2014
Westhills Stadium, Langford, BC
3:30 P.M. PT

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