Eagles Coach the Next Generation

Eagles Coach the Next Generation

Women’s Eagles Coach the Next Generation


Rugby Oregon presented a Girls High School skills clinic to over 100 beginner and advanced players at the West Linn High School, in West Linn, OR.  USA Women’s Eagles Head Coach, Pete Steinberg and USA Women’s U20 Assistant Danielle Miller, put the players through 4 sessions that worked areas of attack and defense.  3 USA Eagles, Sharon Blaney, San Juanita Moreno and Beckett Royce, along with Steinberg and Miller, herself an Eagle from for the 2006 World Cup, worked with the players throughout the day. 


“It was great to see the USA Eagles work with the players,” said Jenn Heinrich, Executive Director of Rugby Oregon.  “The Eagles were wonderful role models and the girls were in awe.”


The morning sessions were designed for players that were new to the game.  Over 50 players were introduced to the game through attack games and the fundamentals of contact.  The afternoon session for advanced players covered attacking decision-making and the principles of an aggressive defense.


“I was very impressed by the athleticism of the players,” Steinberg said.  “They were focused and very eager to learn and it is exciting to see better players take up the sport at a younger ages.”


Steinberg also presented a coaches workshop on Friday night.  The coaches were challenged to think about their coaching process, how they run practice and also exposed to ideas that the National Team are using.


“Pete was a great resource for the weekend,” Rick Rogers said “He made me think about how I approach the game and has convinced this old dog to look into a few new tricks.”


Rugby Oregon has 16 girls high school team in 2 divisions and the league kicks off on March 10.  Go to www.rugbyoregon.com for more information.




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