Contrast highlights France roster

Contrast highlights France roster

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- The Women’s Eagles have been selected for the opening match against France this Friday, June 7. A contrast in experience between backs and forwards highlights the 23-person roster set out by head coach Pete Steinberg.

While the forwards lineup remains very similar to previous contests against the French, the backline is filled with numerous players whom did not attend last fall’s assembly.

“Selections were based off of allowing people to show us what they can do,” said Steinberg. “These are our first international contests of the year, so we are going to be learning.”

The intent of the lineup and matches is evident for the head coach, saying “the goal is just to know more about the players at the end of the year.”

However, Steinberg noted that the experience level may not be as big of a factor for the newcomers as expected.

“We want to find out what works in the backline,” said Steinberg. “What our backs lack in experience, they more than make up for it with athleticism.”

Shaina Turley will lead the team on the field, getting her first chance to captain the side from the number-eight position.

Sarah Chobot, Kittery Wagner and Jamie Burke bring a wealth of knowledge to the front row. All three are stepping into the same exact roles they held for the match in Stade de France last November.

The start for Burke will mark her 36th cap as a Women’s Eagle.

For the backs, Sevens residents Sadie Anderson and Ryan Carlyle fill two out of the back-three for the contest. Anderson has fullback duties while Carlyle will put her speed to work on the wing.

Joining Carlyle in receiving her first international, Women’s Eagles cap are Molly Kinsella, Megan Bonny, and Erica Cavanaugh. In a similar situation, but coming off the bench for a first cap, are Jessica Davis, Anne Peterson, and Amanda Street.

Jossy Tseng will make her first international appearance since 2007, stepping in at the scrumhalf position. Tseng will be backed by Carrie White at nine, a veteran of the Women’s Eagles European tour.

Kickoff for the June 7 match is set for 5:00 P.M. PT at Oxnard College.

France has claimed the previous two meetings, winning in Orleans and Paris during the Women’s Eagles European Tour last fall. The French won a physical first match 13-0 before winning the final matchup 27-3 at Stade de France.

Currently, both the Women’s Eagles and France are training at Cal Lutheran University in preparation for the matches.

Two more matches are scheduled to follow during France’s tour to the US. June 11 and 14 the sides will meet for additional tests. Oxnard College will play host again for the June 11 contest.

Both matches are set to kickoff at 5:00 P.M. PT.

The concluding match in the series will take place at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles prior to the Men’s National Team’s Pacific Nations Cup match against Tonga (buy tickets here). Universal Sports is slated to air both of the games.

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Women's Eagles | vs. France
1. Sarah Chobot
2. Kittery Wagner
3. Jamie Burke
4. Sarah Walsh
5. Molly Kinsella
6. Stacey Bridges
7. Lynelle Kugler
8. Shaina Turley (C)
9. Jossy Tseng
10. Hannah Stolba
11. Ryan Carlyle
12. Megan Bonny
13. Meya Bizer
14. Erica Cavanaugh
15. Sadie Anderson
16. Katy Augustyn
17. Jessica Davis
18. Naima Reddick
19. Kristen Zdancewicz
20. Kate Daley
21. Carrie White
22. Anne Peterson
23. Amanda Street

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