Baker Brings Eagles' Mindset to Keystone

Baker Brings Eagles' Mindset to Keystone
When you first look at Stacy Baker, you think "Wow, I'd rather be playing with her than against her." Good thing for me is, I do. Baker, a 2006 York College of Pennsylvania graduate, has a very decorated rugby resume. After receiving an All-American award from YCP, Baker went on to play for the WPL; first at Philadelphia, then ultimately finding her home with Keystone. Throughout her career, she has been named to the MARFU All-Star squads numerous times, collegiate and post-collegiate.

Aside from playing with her respective clubs, she has also had the honor of representing the USA in 12 matches, making her international debut in 2007. She has also has the privilege of playing in both the 2009 and 2011 Nations Cups.
Her transition to Keystone has impacted the team in such as positive light, she always finds her way into the try zone (no matter how many people she carries in on her back!). Despite her size, she's surprisingly fast and she has an astonishing knowledge of the game. Aside from that, Baker can play any position in the forward pack. Did I mention she's also the kicker? This gal does it all!
Off the pitch, Baker is as humble as can be. She works in a detention center in Lancaster, Penn., giving little delinquents the atomic elbow if they walk out of line (just kidding, but not really). Don't bank on her busting out some Kanye or Weezy from her iPod though; she absolutely hates rap music. Stacy is a connoisseur in the art of nap-taking, particularly with her cat.

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