The Weary Traveller

The Weary Traveller

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I have been bugged constantly over the past few months to write blog updates for the Women’s Eagle site and have finally gotten something down. I am not usually one who struggles to have something to say, but my life sometimes gets in the way. Coaching rugby is my passion, but it is not my job. When I am not coaching I am running my own consulting business, specializing in leadership and organizational development. This means that I am usually on the road either for the Eagles or for my work and this weekend was a classic example.

As you may know we had 2 regional camps for the Women’s Eagles this past weekend. We did this to reduce the number of days that our players would need to take off for the upcoming Can-Am series. There was a camp on the east coast at James Madison University (Va.) and a camp at the Olympic Training Center, in Chula Vista (Calif.). We split both the players and the staff to cover both camps so all the players can come in on Friday evening, get home on Sunday evening and we can have four, good training sessions, along with time in the gym and a video session.

Most of our staff is on the east coast and near DC, so that meant Peter Baggetta went to JMU to lead the camp there and I went to the OTC. However, I had an issue with my calendar. On Wednesday of last week I needed to be in Paris to launch an executive coaching engagement with a client. On the Monday following camp I was leading a recruiting candidate assessment for a client in San Francisco. So that turned into me having a 22-hour trip from Paris to San Diego (via San Francisco) on Thursday, before camp, prepping for the camp on Friday, two days coaching the Eagles over the weekend, Monday morning flight to San Francisco. Now it is Tuesday and I am on a plane back east and should arrive at State College airport at 5.15pm, just in time for Penn State practice at 6!

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