Revenge vs. Redemption

Revenge vs. Redemption

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Tomorrow, we play Canada for the second time in the CanAm Series. In my personal blog, I called it a revenge game. Pete calls it our redemption game, and I think that term more aptly suits our purpose and overall team goals. We came into this tour with the goal of becoming more familiar with ourselves and our teammates in our patterns and plays. We wanted to work on our attack, defense and set pieces, to get them down, to work out kinks. This is a "growth tour" not a "win at all costs tour."

Our purpose tomorrow is still to work on our attack, defense and set pieces, to calibrate our engines, so to speak, to get better. We would also like to win. In improving we feel that we can win. However, the win is for us. It's not about beating Canada; it's about being the best we can be. Revenge, therefore, doesn't necessarily apply. Revenge is punishment. It would imply that we are punishing Canada for some wrong (and certainly we do want those "punishing" hits), when in fact we want to atone for our performance, to do the things we do well and build. It seems, in some ways, that we are bound by our last game. Redemption is deliverance. It is a release.

Tomorrow is about the USA, not Canada. Tomorrow we don't lose ourselves. Tomorrow we are the smart, aggressive, hard-hitting and hard-running team we have the potential to be. I believe we are simultaneously that which we are and that which is our infinite potential. Tomorrow we manifest that potential, because that's how we get better. That's how we redeem ourselves.

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