Probables vs. Possibles

Probables vs. Possibles

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This week, the top 50 players are competing for the 26 spots for the Women's World Cup in Paris. We have split the week into two match days and three prep days for each - which is what it will be in the World Cup. The squads have been split into Probables vs Possibles.

Probables vs Possibles is a tradition in rugby (the Welsh men's team are having a probables vs possibles this weekend) as a way for players to compete for their spots. Today we have what we consider our current Top 15 against the next-best 15. We have a program value, "fair but not equal," which means that everyone will get to play, but not everyone gets the same minutes. The players need to take an opportunity.

After this game, we will review the player's performance and then build another two 15s, then distribute the additional players as subs for each team. Then the teams will work together for three days to prepare for the game on Saturday. Saturday night we will announce the World Cup squad of 26, four players that will travel to the UK for the June tour with the team and six non-traveling reserves who will continue to train and follow our programs.

I am really looking forward to seeing the players compete today!

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  • Guest - Mays UCLA

    This is just regarding our whole National program as a whole why does the female selection process seem to be more objective in it's selection process and meticulous than on the male side. As a male rugby player I feel it's almost a impossible to get on the radar for the men's national team but in the rugby community in my area I personally know 2 female Eagles. Also our women best hope for some hardware in rugby! God speed

  • Guest - Tony D

    It's simple. There is less women playing rugby so the pool selection is more vast across a geographic area like the US

  • Guest - Guest

    When the Possibles can beat the Probables what is the game plan to reach the goal of "Final in '14" makes a person go "hummmm?" I hope we have the best to represent USA!!