Just Keep Sprinting

Just Keep Sprinting

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I would also like to thank coffee for some of the same reasons that Kimber mentioned with a few additions. Did anyone else feel like the holidays were never going to come and now they’re thinking, “Was I in a time warp for the last month” or, “Did November even happen?”

That is what most weeks are like on the Eagle training bus…

If the pace of life feels too fast, then it’s time to get faster. I’ll see you on the way.

For me, it started Monday with an amazing day at the OTC in Chula Vista. We start with a little prehab to get the joints moving and warm up core for the day’s events. Then it was fitness testing time. Needless to say, I was a little nervous to be basically racing the fittest and fastest rugby players in the country. We had a blast though, and there’s something so motivating about seeing where you are versus where you have come from. And while I certainly don’t have the same anaerobic capacity these sevens players have, the 15s workouts have yielded some positive results in speed and agility.

That was just the morning, though. For our afternoon training session, we played conditioning games, which is a fancy term for running until your mind can no longer move your legs. Your body will slow to a crawl but your brain will think you are still running even though you resemble a wounded calf hobbling away from a lion. Either way, it was one of those sessions that is both humbling and rewarding. The best part is consistently pushing beyond your boundaries with your teammates and knowing you gave it your all. Monday’s over. Recover. Eat. Sleep. Sprint.

After that, it was time to switch gears and fly helicopters the rest of the week. One day flight, one simulator, a night vision goggle fastrope support mission and two checkrides later, I can’t believe I made it to Friday. Flying is like rugby in that every time you plan a flight and sit in the cockpit, it’s gameday. Because that takes up a full work-day, you have to fit practice in when you can, and for flying, practice is hitting the books and knowing what your aircraft is capable of, what you are and aren’t allowed to do, and how to do it. The pace is a sprint mentally (for me anyway), and you have to be on your game in the air and fit in the rugby training during lunch, breaks, and before or after work. Study. Train. Plan. Fly. Eat. Sleep. Sprint. Repeat.

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