Just Dance

Just Dance

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Through all the seriousness of our training it's still really important to have a good time! The 2 things that have made this experience so enjoyable are the fact that I have an awesome group of Eagles up at Penn State training with me (credit to Kate Daley, Sadie Anderson, Deven Owsiany, Jenny Liu, Hope Rogers, and of course one of our strength coaches Ian Jones), and that we make every session a PARTAY.

I love being in an environment where I can be with my teammates all the time. Everyone comes in with a great attitude most morning and ready to work. Plus, it's much easier to push myself when I work out with people who want me to improve as much as themselves. With all the hard work we put into each session, we make sure to have as much fun as possible as well. My most favorite thing about our lifting sessions is definitely the dance moves we incorporate. It's important to dance between reps, sets, and might as well dance from one lift to the next. Dancing is really good because it keeps your heart rate during your rest time!

Here are a few examples of some classy gym dance moves; we've pretty much perfected all these:

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