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Picture the athlete that most inspires you. What values do they uphold? How do they conduct themselves on and off the field? What do they stand for?

I can picture so many different superstars with Olympic gold medals, national championships, Super Bowl rings, etc., but when I think about how I want to train and play, my teammates are who I look up to the most. Maybe this is because they’re who I interact with regularly or because I know their struggles, their challenges and their victories. When I think about qualities like work ethic, mental toughness, tenacity, and integrity I see their faces and aspire to be like them. I know from discussions with the team that I am not alone in this sentiment, and we each have different qualities that inspire each other. But, if you can draw on each other’s strengths to create a team that plays for each other in every training and every match, the traction you create and the legacy you leave behind can change the sport forever.

It is just a game, but it becomes more than a game in the way that we play it…in the way we hold each other up and strive together toward greatness. It is during those grueling minutes that we see our truest selves and put our heroic efforts against our opponent with the belief that we will overcome any obstacle. I have cherished every minute that I have had the chance to be a part of this team, and can't wait for the tests to come.

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