Fittest in '14

Fittest in '14

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The Women’s Eagles will be the fittest team at the 2014 World Cup—at least, that’s what our strength coach, Coach Cater, is aiming for in his program and what our players are working for on the field, in the gym and on the track. This is just one part of a big equation for our success. I, for one, relish the idea of spending a good deal of my free time in the gym. I love moving heavy things—it gives me a rush of sheer power, a feeling of invincibility. I love it so much, I wanted to blog about it.

Coach Cater likes to say, “We lift weights, so we can lift more weight.” At its purest form that’s what lifting should be about. Don’t get me wrong, there are some people who like to lift just to “stay in shape.” They lift to maintain a healthy body and fitness level. However, as competitive athletes, we should want to lift heavier and heavier. We should want to be the strongest and fittest player we can be. I think that’s what makes the WNT unique—we have an overwhelming desire to be great rugby players, but we also make the effort to do so, on the field and in the gym.

We are putting a good many hours in at the gym and our players are getting stronger and stronger. I feel like the Eagles will be an indomitable physical force in the World Cup. That could very well be our advantage. That could be the edge we have and exploit over other teams. So I relish in my time at the gym, as I’m sure, my teammates do. And that’s why we will be the fittest in 2014.

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