Collegiate All-Americans set 2013 schedule

Collegiate All-Americans set 2013 schedule

For Immediate Release

BOULDER, Colo. – USA Rugby released today the preliminary spring schedule for their Women's Collegiate All-American Selection camps.

Two new All-American Selection camps will be held in different regions of the country, replacing the previous Collegiate National All-Star Championship. A pool of eligible collegiate players will be invited to attend one of the two camps using nominations and coaching staff evaluations of individuals from all divisions of the college rugby community, as well as information given by scouts at collegiate championship events.

"These new, larger regional camps will allow us to see and work with more players from a wider range of college programs, ensuring that we get the best athletes with the most potential to compete in the future at the international level," Women's Collegiate All-American Head Coach Martha Daines said.

The two Collegiate All-American camps will be held on separate weekends in May and will include testing, drills, unit skills, evaluation, and organized scrimmaging. All CAA coaches, 7s and 15s, will be on hand to evaluate the talent and identify prospective players for their respective teams.

"The new selection process should provide opportunities for the involvement and development of more players and coaches from all levels of competition," Daines added. "I'm looking forward to getting more input from coaches around the country about the talent and potential of the players they coach or compete against."

Participants in the camps this spring will be eligible for selection to the Women's 2013 Collegiate All-American Team that will tour and compete against top opposition from across the world this summer, as well as an elite camp.

USA Rugby hopes to have players from all divisions and areas of the country present at the two selection camps in May. To nominate a player, please complete this form for candidates who are deserving of an invitation to the Selection camps.

Spring/Summer 2013 Schedule (Tentative Dates)
May 16 – 19: Weekend one of Collegiate All-American Selection camp
May 23 – 26: Weekend two of Collegiate All-American Selection camp
June 26 – 30: Elite camp
July 28 – August 5: Summer Tour
(Locations to be determined)

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Comments (3)

  • Guest - Rugger

    What about camps for the men's collegiate teams?
    There's also no form on the page.

  • Guest - Mike

    What about 15s
    All I see is 7s
    Also it would be nice to have the college 15s game schedules by team.

  • Guest - David

    Welcome to the USA college scene. You are creating an All-Star team. Call it what it is, please. Keep the term "All-American" to mean what it does in every other NCAA sport. It is an honor to be named to this for the body of work a college athlete puts in starting with the preseason and culminating when they hang up the boots for the year. If you truly wish to have rugby accepted across the collegiate landscape, don't dilute or attempt to change that particular aspect of a term universally accepted. There should be two separate items here: the All-American honor and the competition to be named to a competing All-Star team.