AIG WCAAs gain experience against WPL club

AIG WCAAs gain experience against WPL club

EAGAN, Minn. – In the morning Minnesota heat, the USA Rugby AIG Women’s Collegiate All-Americans prepared for their upcoming fall tour with an exhibition match against Twin Cities Amazons of the Women’s Premier League Sunday. The WCAAs were defeated 17-26, but exuded commitment and confidence against tough opposition.

The Amazons scored two converted tries in the first half and managed to keep the WCAAs scoreless through the first 40 minutes.

The WCAAs began the second frame on the front foot, however, and a long break by Lyndsie White was finished by Jen Sever after just two minutes. Less than two minutes later, Kristen Thomas broke a few tackles to add another and bring the WCAAs within four at 10-14 with almost the entire half left to play.

Twin Cities did not let the WCAAs get any closer, scoring two tries with one conversion in the next 20 minutes. Sever finished a great team move and Noorin Dorosti converted to bring the final score to 17-26.

“I was very happy with the team’s performance,” AIG Women’s Collegiate All-Americans Head Coach Martha Daines said. “They played together very well, especially given the short amount of preparation time we have actually had. They matched the Amazons’ physicality, stayed focused, and pressed the pace of play throughout the entire game.

“Their commitment and work rate on defense was impressive – they managed to slow the Amazons’ ball down and stayed organized through multiple phases despite the hot, humid conditions.”

The WCAAs will embark on a fall tour of France in November. More information will be released regarding their schedule in the coming months.

USA Rugby AIG Women's Collegiate All-Americans | v. Twin Cities Amazons
1. Shannon Steele
2. Aubrey Huey
3. Maxine Fonua
4. Bailey Johnson
5. Samantha Starta
6. Zoi Colbert
7. Aoibheann Cline (C)
8. Jennifer Sever
9. Elena Cantorna
10. Kate Kloster
11. Joya Clark
12. Lyndsie White
13. Erin Overcash
14. Kristen Thomas
15. Stephanie Goetz

USA Rugby AIG Women's Collegiate All-Americans | Reserves
16. Leslie Ota
17. Baylee Annis
18. Dorothy Mittow
19. Kaitlyn Foss
20. Marki Hoyne
21. Cheryl Johnson
22. Ariel Johnson
23. Erika Pederson
24. Noorin Dorosti

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