We are proud to have Serevi® as a Youth Development Partner and integral part of the USA Rugby High-Performance Pathway.

USA Rugby and Serevi® share an important set of goals: increasing access to the sport, improving the overall quality of play and coaching, and expanding opportunity for young American athletes.

Whether novice or advanced, young athletes in a Serevi®-run program will benefit from an unparalleled team of top-flight international coaches and the training programs they design. What’s more, athletes will know that these programs are part and parcel of USA Rugby’s international and Olympic high-performance initiatives.

At the Youth Development end, Serevi® offers co-ed development programs across North America for all ages: minis, elementary, middle school, high school, and collegiate/adult. Serevi® camps stress safety and design programming to be fun and active, heavily emphasizing game and skill-based activities. In all levels in age-appropriate ways, they stress physical, emotional and cognitive development.

At the High Performance end of the spectrum, particularly in the case of High Performance Training Camps and Elite Residence Camps, our National Team coaches will be directly involved in the design and execution of camps. High-performance athletes: whether you’re a club player looking to take your team to new heights, a college competitor looking to take your game to the next level, or a top-tier player fighting for a spot on one of the National Teams, the USA Rugby / Serevi® partnership has programming to take your game to the next level.


June 16-20 2014Chula Vista - Olympic Training CenterWomenResident Camp
June 21-25 2014Chula Vista - Olympic Training CenterBoysResident Camp
July 7-11 2014Chula Vista - Olympic Training CenterGirlsResident Camp
August 4-8 2014Glendale, COMenResident Camp
August 14-15 2014Glendale, COCo-EdDev + Coach EDU
September 21 2014Los Angeles, CACo-EdHigh Performance
October 25-26 2014New York, NYCo-EdHigh Performance
December 6-7 2014Houston/Ft. Worth, TXCo-EdHP + Coach EDU
December 12 2014Madison, WICo-EdHigh Performance
December 13 2014Madison, WICo-EdDevelopment
December 13 2014Sacramento, CACo-EdHigh Performance
December 14 2014Bay Area, CACo-EdHigh Performance
January 10-11 2015FloridaCo-EdHigh Performance
January 24-25 2015Boston, MAWomenHP + Coach EDU
February 21-22 2015Chapel Hill, NCCo-EdHigh Performance
February 28 - March 1 2015Boston, MAMenHigh Performance
March 8 2015San Diego, CACo-EdHigh Performance
March 15-16 2015College Park, MDCo-EdHP + Dev
March 28-29 2015Glendale, COCo-EdHP + Dev
April 11-12 2015New Haven, CTCo-EdHigh Performance
April 18 2015Seattle, WACo-EdHigh Performance
May 2-3 2015Minneapolis, MNCo-EdHP + Dev + Coach
May 10 2015Portland, ORCo-EdHP + Dev
SUMMERTBDWomenResident Camp
SUMMERTBDBoysResident Camp
SUMMERTBDGirlsResident Camp
SUMMERTBDMenResident Camp

To see a full listing of available programs, follow these links:

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