Performance Reviewer

Approximate delivery time: 16 hours

Cost: $120

Prerequisites: Current USA Rugby membership, including registration as a referee, and Level 1 CMO course certification.

Requirements for Accreditation: Attend and participate in all course modules, complete and submit two approved Performance Reviewer reports.

Description: Provides training in the more advanced assessing and coaching of referees, including the writing of the Performance Reviewer report.  This course is intended for Performance Reviewers of referees seeking to attain C1 and higher grade, including all B-panel referees. Course accreditation is one prerequisite for becoming a Territorial Performance Reviewer. 
Course Focus:

The Key elements of competence:

  • Continuity 
  • Restart kicks/open play  
  • Writing reports
  • Scoring criteria      
  • Tackle
  • Scrum
  • Match Level Matrix  
  • Comments
  • Advantage
  • Lineout
  • Match Type
  • Grading 
  • Ruck/Maul
  • Management
  • Match Description
  • Match Grade Matrix
  • Restarts
  • Control
  • Coaching Hints
  • Game System Report