USA Rugby background check policy to comply with USOC SafeSport Program

USA Rugby background check policy to comply with USOC SafeSport Program

BOULDER, Colo. – After recently launching its SafeSport website, USA Rugby announced it is expanding its background check policy to include requiring all staff members, member coaches, and officials – including referees this year – to be checked every two years beginning with the 2014-15 membership cycle. The screening will be conducted by leading volunteer background screening company SSCI.

This brings USA Rugby in-line with the USOC SafeSport Program requirements and the Minimum Standards Policy for Athlete Safety Programs that were instituted this year. Required of all USOC member organizations, the SafeSport program allows USA Rugby members to report instances of abuse and misconduct, occurrences which happen both on and off of the field. The USA Rugby Board of Directors approved the USA Rugby SafeSport Program Handbook – which outlines the requirements regarding registration, screening, and education of members – in Houston, Texas, in June.

David McCann, Director of Rugby Development said: “Our USA Rugby SafeSport Program is now fully functioning with our new web-site, the SafeSport Handbook, a reporting procedure, and an investigative, disciplinary and appeals process. We recently appointed a SafeSport director, Janna Doyscher, to be in charge of the reporting and investigative aspects of the program. These components along with our education and training requirements put USA Rugby at the forefront of athlete safety and well-being.”

In order to support a rugby community that works together to protect the well-being of all rugby participants, USA Rugby recommends that all members (including parents, players, and administrators) seek information, courses and resources. The two recommended FREE on-line training courses are:

For more information, visit the USA Rugby SafeSport website and

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  • Guest - GovPublicAccess

    It is really important to conduct background check not just to the players but also to the staff. There are many cases wherein some players and staff has criminal or drug abuse records. It is important to monitor these people not just for the safety and security of other player but to the credibility of the game and the side they are representing.

  • Guest - CaptRABriggsJr

    We do it in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), along with Youth Protection Training (YPT)--protects everyone's interests. Vigilance. Aye! Capt. Rick.

  • Guest - Guest in re Federal Law

    There is nothing wrong with doing checks on people to ensure safety. However, oftentimes, too often, in fact, these "background checks" become based entirely and completely on politics such that the persons subjected to these background checks are defamed when and where these background checks function, as they do with USA rugby, in contravention to Federal Law. Federal Law does not require disclosure of a person's social security number for a background check but, for USA rugby...

  • Guest - Guest in re Federal Law

    ...but, for USA rugby, a social security number is required, which places USA rugby's background check procedure in contravention to United States law. Moreover, there is no method by which USA rugby verifies the alleged accuracy of the information provided to USA Rugby by the private companies running the background check. Hence the well founded basis for filing one or more defamation suits against USA Rugby. Read well, interested party, for the DEA, which is another government agency...

  • Guest - Guest in re Federal Law

    in similar manner recently was sued by a number of translators applying for work with the DEA. In that instance those applicants were required to undergo polygraph examinations, another highly inaccurate methodology to ensure safety and, in that instance, the DEA was sued and the court awarded those who were required to undergo polygraph examinations 4.7 million dollars in damages because the DEA "required" a polygraph examination when no polygraph examination was or is required under law.

  • Guest - Guest in re Federal Law

    In sum, USA Rugby policies need to conform to pertinent statute and case law. Failure for USA Rugby to do so will not result in the "safety" of USA Rugby to continue USA Rugby operations without being sued.

  • Guest - chuttd

  • Guest - chuttd

  • Guest - john

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  • Guest - Edina Clark

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