Make $$ by Hosting a Coach Clinic

Make $$ by Hosting a Coach Clinic

When you think of hosting, you may think of tedious preparation for a dinner or cocktail party, with the minute payoff of a few laughs between shuttling out courses or drinks.  At the end of the party, you stare down a heaping pile of dishes and thinking “Why did I do this, again?”  You’ll never have that feeling after hosting a USA Rugby Coaching Workshop.


The benefits far outweigh the amount of work needed to host a Coaching Workshop.  But don’t take our word for it. See what these hosts have to say:


“We run the workshops so we can register coaches to coach the kids. By having the coaches certified it gives us legitimacy with the kids, parents and public.  It also helps out with liability reasons by having certified coaches.  Our coaches have an opportunity to gain knowledge, methods, and techniques they can use in coaching to make their teams better.”


J.R. Lapierre, Colorado Youth Rugby


“Rugby Oregon has been hosting USA Rugby certification courses in Oregon since 2001.  The primary reason is to ensure all our head coaches hold current certifications; a league requirement.  The feedback from coaches is consistently positive, specifically citing the benefit of the hands-on, practical nature of the workshops; a majority of the workshops are spent coaching outside of the classroom. Many of our coaches are new to coaching but not new to rugby. 


The Introducing Rugby workshop is not designed to teach them the game, but rather to provide the tools and fundamentals necessary to safely introduce the game to new players and addresses individual player development.  The ability to safely introduce the game to new players is critical to the successful growth and development of the game. 


The Developing Rugby workshop takes an elevated approach to coaching and again provides opportunities for coaches to hone their skills and improve their ability to plan and execute training sessions that meet higher-level objectives. 


Rugby Oregon values the structure and nature of the workshops, the excellent facilitation by USA Rugby instructors, the fundraising component, and the ease of planning and hosting.”


Jenn Heinrich, Rugby Oregon


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