Women's Collegiate All-American Touring Side Loses Opener to Canada

Women's Collegiate All-American Touring Side Loses Opener to Canada

Photo: Lisa Henneman (left) of Penn State

Women's Collegiate All-American Touring Side Loses Opener to Canada


Saranac Lake, N.Y. - The Women’s Collegiate All-American (WCAA) Touring Side faced the CIS All-Canadian team on Thursday night in the 2011 Can-Am Rugby Tournament in Saranac Lake, New York.  The WCAA’s lost the match 19-3 and will have a rematch on Sunday in Bloomingdale, New York at 3:30 P.M.


The first thirty minutes of the match saw no scoring as a result of the solid defense by both sides. 


The deadlock was finally broken when All-Canada Flanker, Jessica Jacobs, received a yellow card in the 32nd minute.  The penalty allowed for the WCAA’s to mount a successful attack that led to a penalty kick by Brittany Houston in the 35th minute.  The penalty was crucial for the WCAA as they had a slight 3-0 advantage, in an even match, heading into the halftime break.


Unfortunately for the WCAA’s the lead was short-lived due to a try in the 41st minute by All-Canada winger, Magali Harvey, who also made the conversion to give her team a 7-3 lead to begin the second half. 


The All-Canada quick score after the break was the catalyst for their 19 unanswered points in the second half, as it gave them considerable momentum and put pressure on the WCAA’s to score in a defensive match. 


The WCAA defense broke down again in the 55th minute and allowed All-Canada inside center, Shannon Court, to cross the try line.  After Magali Harvey’s second conversion the score stood at 14-3 heading into the critical final 20 minutes of play. 


Other than the two lapses that let in tries, the WCAA defense handled the All-Canada attack very well, which kept themselves in the game until the 78th minute when All-Canada replacement lock, Randi Hunter, scored the deciding try and finalized the score at 19-3. 


Although the match did not end up the way the WCAA’s would have liked, their physical play and defense is something to build the offense off of for their rematch on Sunday.  The match on Thursday was the first time the team has played together and they will surely benefit from its experience and the following days of rest and preparation.


The second and final match of the series will be played on Sunday, July 31 at 3:30 P.M. on Bloomingdale Field, Bloomingdale, New York.



Women’s Collegiate All-American Touring Side

15 Katie Lorenz (UNC-Chapel Hill)

14 Rebekah Siebach (BYU)

13Justina DeBruzzi (Univ. of St. Thomas)

12 Kristi Jackson (BYU)

11 Tyra McGrady (Indiana)

10 Kara Remington (BYU)

9 Brittany Houston (c) (UW-Milwaukee)

1 Rachel Ryan (Wyoming)

2 Joanna Kitlinski (Grand Valley State)

3 Elizabeth Fierman (Northeastern)

4 Kyle Armstrong (Penn State)

5 Wendy Sherman (Colorado State)

6 Candace Barley (Lee Univ.)

7 Kendra Klump (MSU-Mankato)

8 Laura Miller (St. Mary’s College of Maryland)



16 Morgan Johnson (North Dakota State)

17 Katie O’Malley (Stonehill)

18 Evelyn Ashenbrucker (UC San Diego)

19 Rebekah Knappe (Colorado State)

20 Kimber Rozier (c) (UNC-Chapel Hill)

21 Melissa Krug (Univ. Minnesota-Twin Cities)

22 Alyssa Baccarella (MIT)


WCAA Tries: none Conversions: none Penalties: Houston (35’)


Substitutions: Krug on for Barley (35’), Ashenbrucker on for Sherman (46’), Rozier on for Remington (63’), Johnson on for Armstrong (66’), O’Malley on for Jackson (76’), Knappe on for Krug (76’)


CIS All-Canada

15 Lisa Gauthier (St. Francis Xavier)

14 Natasha Watcham-Roy (Univ. of Ottawa)

13 Andrea Wadsworth (Queen’s University)

12 Shannon Court (Univ. of Lethbridge)

11 Magali Harvey (St. Francis Xavier)

10 Kate Foulds (Univ. of Ottawa)

9 Elizabeth Mackinnon (Univ. of Calgary)

1 Briana Cunningham (Univ. of Waterloo)

2 Mary-Jane Kirby (Guelph Univ.)

3 Elie Papineau (Univ. Laval)

4 Steffany Hoffman (Univ. of Alberta)

5 Abby Goodwin (Univ. of Victoria)

6 Lea Leahy (Concordia Univ.)

7 Jessica Jacobs (St. Francis Xavier)

8 Sam Eyles (Univ. of Waterloo)



16 Randi Hunter (Univ. of Victoria)

17 Sumara Profit (Univ. of Prince Edward Island)

18 Carmen Hobbs (Univ. of Alberta)

19 Chelsey Waldie (Univ. of Prince Edward Island)

20 Susan Heald (Queen’s Univ.)

21 Rachael McMaster (Univ. of Western Ontario)

22 Jennifer Shotbolt (Univ. of Western Ontario)


CIS All-Canada Tries: Harvey (41’), Court (55’), Hunter (78’) Conversions: Harvey (41’, 56’) Penalties: none


Substitutions: Hunter on for Hoffman (31’), McMaster on for Wadsworth (40’), Profit on for Cunningham (53’), Hobbs on for Eyles (53’), Heald on for Mackinnon (59’), Shotbolt on for Watcham-Roy (59’), Waldie on for Court (63’)


***The following is a correction to the previous Women’s Collegiate Touring Side announcement.  This list contains all of those who were invited but unable to attend as well as those who are playing.





Kyle Armstrong (Penn State)

Evelyn Ashenbrucker (UC San Diego)

Candace Barley (Lee Univ.)

Elizabeth Fierman (Northeastern)

Morgan Johnson (North Dakota State)

Joanna Kitlinski (Grand Valley State)

Kendra Klump (MSU Mankato)

Rebekah Knappe (Colorado State)

Melissa Krug (Univ. Minnesota-Twin Cities)

Laura Miller (St. Mary’s College of Maryland)

Nwakaego (Kay) Onyekwere (Penn State)

Rachel Ryan (Wyoming)

Wendy Sherman (Colorado State)



Alyssa Baccarella (MIT)

Ryan Carlyle (South Carolina)

Justina DeBruzzi (Univ. of St. Thomas)

Lisa Henneman (Penn State)

Brittany Houston (UW-Milwaukee)

Kristi Jackson (BYU)

Katie Lorenz (Univ. North Carolina-Chapel Hill)

Tyra McGrady (Indiana)

Katie O’Malley (Stonehill)

Kara Remington (BYU)

Kimber Rozier (Univ. North Carolina-Chapel Hill)

Rebekah Siebach (BYU)



Megan Bonny (Washington State)

Sharlyn Carter (Virginia)

Erica Cavanaugh (Virginia)

Grace Dowd (Dartmouth)

Sharon Gianessi (Army)

Tanya Gouws (Maryland)

Evan Hoese (Radcliffe)

Katie Johnson (UW-Milwaukee)

Megan Liesenfeldt (Army)

Blaine Martin (Brown)

Kelsey Mcilonie (UC San Diego)

Deven Owsiany (Penn State)

Kaitlyn Rooney (American University)

Jennifer Sandifer (Navy)

Marie Timm (Army)

Amelia Villines (Stanford)

Ela Wolfgramm (BYU)


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