Magie Named Junior AA Captain

Magie Named Junior AA Captain

The USA Men's Junior All-Americans will play the Irish Exiles on Wednesday.  Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club have hosted the team and this match will mark the end of the JAAs' five-day training camp in advance of the Junior World Rugby Trophy that will kickoff on May 24.


USA Junior All-Americans Squad

1 Charles Koehler (Univ. Wisconsin - Whitewater), 2 Patrick Latu (San Francisco Golden Gate), 3 Paul Mullen (Houston Area Rugby Club), 4 Daniel Metcalf, 5 Patrick Coleman (Cal), 6 Alec Gletzer (Univ. Calif - Santa Barbara), 7 Michael Juszczak (Univ. of Utah), 8 Tavake Sanft (Spearhead Academy), 9 Michael Oliver (Loughborough Univ.), 10 Will Magie (Leeds Univ.), 11 Madison Hughes (Wellington College), 12 Bubba Jones (St. Marys College), 13 William Farrell (Univ. of Georgia), 14 Apelu So'oalo (At Large), 15 Joe Cowley (Life)



16 Andrew Ohmann, 17 Oliva Auimatagi (Old Mission Bay Athletic Club), 18 Eric Rygiel (Arizona State University), 19 Timothy O’Hara (Santa Clara University), 20 Tyler Black (Colorado Springs), 21 Sean Carley (St. Mary’s College), 22 Paris Hollis (Life University), 23 Michael Durant (New York Athletic Club), 24 Conor Mils (Texas A&M), 25 Jake Fallon (Grand Rapids Gazelles), 26 Adam Sandstrom (Arizona State University)

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