Google Hangout—Connecting Fans to USA Rugby

Google Hangout—Connecting Fans to USA Rugby

The month of March kicked off USA Rugby’s Google Hangout Series. Rugby fans were given the opportunity to “hangout” with Alex Magleby and Ric Suggitt, USA Sevens Men and Women’s Head Coaches.

A few lucky fans were invited to the Google Hangout and were able to ask questions and chat with the coaches. Everyone else was able to view the hangout via the USARugbyTV YouTube channel. The coaches were able to share their background and how they got into coaching rugby, as well as answer rugby related and more personal questions.

On whether he prefers coaching or playing Alex Magleby explained, “I really, really enjoy coaching: you get to see the whole picture and put everything together. The hard part about coaching is there’s no release, whereas a player you get the fun and actual physical release.”

Watch the #MeetTheCoaches hangout here:

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