Golden Lions cancel U.S. Tour

Golden Lions cancel U.S. Tour

The Golden Lions Rugby Union management and tour organizers have cancelled their United States Tour ahead of their scheduled matches with the North American All-Stars in California and Texas this month. Tickets purchased for the Rugby Showdown at Cal State Fullerton’s Titan Stadium will be refunded in full.

Read the full GLRU press release here.

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  • Guest - Claudiu

    More disappointment for Southern California Rugby, we don’t get to see the great Eagles Team playing. Like I said before we don’t get any help to promote this culture (game) here in south cal. I hope you guys understand we have a lot a potential with young players, which they want to see the National Team the great Eagles playing, and of course the other big event (rugby 7 Grand Prix) at the Home Depot Center canceled to.
    Thanks again for all this canceled events.

  • Guest - Colin

    “We were also concerned the level of competition that the MTN Lions would face abroad would not be of a strong enough standard.


  • Guest - Bummed SoCal Rugby Fan

    This is incredibly disappointing seeing as how I live minutes away from CSUF! The GLRU must really think low of American rugby if they think that the "strength of competition" wouldn't be up to par with theirs. Granted, they used to play in the Super Rugby competition, and no one can deny the level of talent needed to compete in the Super XV, but I think the reality is that they were more afraid of being embarrassed by a group of supposed "tier 2" all-stars! They don't want to help grow the game abroad in emerging nations? Fine. We do it ourselves like we always have! I really hope to see our National team compete this year at some point this year! With any luck I'll be in Houston to watch our guys go against the Ireland XV.

  • Guest - Marty

    I read the release as saying the cancellation was due to transport and accommodation first, competition second.

    maybe they didn't want to be billeted and moved around in busses:)

  • Guest - Vincent

    What an obnoxious press release. Absolutely no appology to the prospective hosts. Am I missing some backstory?

  • Guest - TomC

    The big question not being answered is who was organizing things on the ground stateside?

    I doubt very much that the Lions organization were acting in a sports events company capacity, in addition to being a professional rugby club, to secure venues, produce the "Rugby Showdown" brand with merchandise and a web & social media presence, organize ticket sales, event manage a venue with food, parking, bands, etc, etc, etc. I know there was a South African tour company organizing flights, accommodations, ground transport and non-rugby related events and activities, for the team and their supporters, but I doubt they were negotiating terms with the venue and the multiple vendors required here in the USA to put the event on.

    Who was running the show stateside? Where did the drop the ball on this? How does USA Rugby make sure this doesn't happen again?

  • Guest - Sean

    This wasn't a USA Rugby sponsored event. Perhaps, that was part of the issue. I'm certain USA Rugby would have had more logistical preparation than the current organizers.

  • Guest - Jens

    Disappointing. I wonder what happened in the two days between the Lions announcing their touring squad and the cancellation?

  • Guest - TomC

    In reply to: Guest - Sean

    Doesn't matter if USA Rugby sanctions an event unless the athletes are contractually obliged to only participate in USA Rugby sanctioned events. Aside from athlete access a sanction only means the event organizers get to co-market and co-brand the event with USA Rugby. If USA Rugby is doing their job for their members, the event producers will pay a fee for that sanction.

    USA Rugby produced events, with the national teams, are really IRB events who bring in capital, refs, media relations, etc. USA Rugby does produce the club, collegiate and youth national championships, but they are funded by the athletes/clubs and generate little to no revenue from sponsors or broadcasters. USA Rugby is not a good choice to produce sports events.

  • Guest - grover13

    Stellar week for USA Rugby.

    In the span of just a few days, I get to witness

    (1) The two top Division I Midwest Men's teams not getting any indication from USA Rugby if their forthcoming match THE NEXT DAY determines seedings or not;

    (2) The communication to various Division II collegiate clubs that, after being told they had qualified for national playoffs for months, were told just days before their departure that their playoff spots were arbitrarily awarded to other clubs, and

    (3) Cancellation of the Golden Lions tour, because apparently the USA couldn't act in a professional enough manner to put the tour together.

    It would be comical were it not so sad that, in an age where interest in the sport is growing and excitement for the Olympics is building, that the dunderheads at USA Rugby are taking huge steps backwards in their domestic competitions, seemingly unaware of how this harms the USA Rugby brand going forward.

    Looks like there needs to be a house cleaning.