CDC, USA Rugby partner up

CDC, USA Rugby partner up

BOULDER, Colo. – The Centers for Disease Control and USA Rugby have worked together to provide tools to those involved with the game so that concussions can be identified, acknowledged, and managed safely. The “Heads Up” program offers online training courses, a quiz, and other concrete tools so they can be prepared to manage concussed players.

USA Rugby’s Director of Medical Services, Mike Keating, worked with the CDC to create rugby-specific tools for coaches. “This is a very positive step forward,” said Keating, “It’s critically important for coaches to recognize when a player is concussed and know how to appropriately respond to keep the players and the game safe.” The online training course takes about 30 minutes to complete and can help prevent or minimize the potential long-term damage caused by concussions.

“Today’s youth and high school rugby players will be tomorrow’s Olympians. We need to show that the rugby community is proactive in addressing injuries and that we are keeping our athletes safe,” said Erin Kennedy, USA Rugby’s Youth Development Manager. “USA Rugby’s partnership with the CDC is a tremendous opportunity for all involved, particularly youth and high school programs.”

USA Rugby will distribute the tools for coaches, players and parents at various locations across the country. Participants in various USA Rugby coaching and refereeing courses will be given a set of “Heads Up” tools. The tools available are clipboard stickers, locker room posters, fact sheets, a quiz, and the online training course.

To learn more about the CDC’s “Head Up” Youth Program, visit the website:

To complete the online training course, visit:

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