All-Americans name side to face Leicester

All-Americans name side to face Leicester

All-Americans name side to face

LONDON – The Collegiate All-Americans, presented by Royall Lyme, will play the third and final match of their Centennial tour on Saturday as they face Leicester Academy at Welford Road.

Head coach Alex Magleby is looking forward to the challenge of facing a strong Leicester side at the legendary venue. “The goal is to develop these players for potential future international honors,” he said. “If they can face this type of opposition now, in that type of environment, and learn to strive within it despite the odds then we’ll have done what we came here to do.”

Leicester is one of the foremost European rugby clubs that has produced English rugby legends Martin Johnson and Graham Rowntree.  The club has won nine English Premiership championships since 1988 and continues to be a preeminent rugby power in Europe.

”We are proud of how hard the players have worked to continue to improve each day. That takes guts and mental fortitude,” Magleby noted. “We have no illusions about the difficulty of the Leicester challenge, but if we continue to improve in the areas we have control over, the result will be in our favor.”

The home of the Leicester Tigers is the legendary Welford Road.  Many refer to the venue as hallowed ground as the pitch has seen legendary rugby action since the Tigers moved there in 1892. 

Captain Eric Fry appreciates the enormity of the challenge, “We’re eager for our final game and our last opportunity to notch a win…and there is no better place for the culmination of the tour and our potential than Welford Road.”

The 2010 All-Americans wouldn’t be able to continue the proud tradition without the support of their sponsors.  Their 2010 tour is made possible by the contributions of Royall Lyme.  Royall Lyme’s brand of fragrances has had close ties to the beloved sport of rugby, and is currently involved in the sponsorship of several teams and events at the collegiate level.  Royall Lyme also aims to recognize exemplary performances.  A “Royall Man” is a winner, yes, but more importantly, Royall Men are, by their very nature, role models and natural leaders. They demonstrate exemplary character.  It’s no mystery why Royall Lyme and the Collegiate All-Americans have built a strong relationship.


Kickoff is at 1:00 p.m. GMT at Welford Road.


Live scoring and match updates will be available on

1.     Mike Shepherd (University of Utah)

2.     Zachary Fenoglio (Loyola Marymount)

3.     Ross Silverman (University of California-Santa Barbara)

4.     Nicolas Civetta (Notre Dame)

5.     Eric Fry (University of California-Berkeley)

6.     Chris Parker (Texas A&M)

7.     Roland Evans (Arkansas State University)

8.     Taylor Mokate (Oklahoma University)

9.     Shaun Davies (Brigham Young University)

10.    Keegan Englebrecht (University of California-Berkeley)

11.    Peter Tiberio (Arizona)

12.    Hunter Leland (Texas A&M)

13.    Gareth James Jones (Temple)

14.    Duncan Kelm (San Diego State University)

15.    Colin Hawley (University of California-Berkeley)


Unavailable for Selection:

Kevin James Kimble (Penn State)

Zachary Test* (Loughborough)


2010 U.S. Collegiate All-American Touring Team:

David Caswell (Arkansas State)

Nicolas Anthony Civetta (Notre Dame)

Shaun Michael Davies (BYU)

Keegan Bevan Engelbrecht (California)

Roland Evans (Arkansas State)

Roan Farr (Arkansas State)

Zachary Tyler Fenoglio (Loyola Marymount)

Eric Christopher Fry (California)

Colin Hawley (California)

Gareth James Jones (Temple)

Duncan George Kelm (San Diego State)

Kevin James Kimble (Penn State)

David Hunter Leland (Texas A&M)

Dylan Lubbe (BYU)

Scott Metcalf (Utah)

Taylor James Mokate (Oklahoma)

Liam Murphy (University of Limerick)

Christopher Scott Parker (Texas A&M)

Randy Pati (Utah)

Anthony John Purpura III (Maine)

Hamish Eliot Roberts (Texas A&M)

Alexander Ross (San Diego State)

Tyler Salamon (Life University)

Michael Joseph Shephard (Indiana)

Barry Sheehan (University of Limerick)

Ross Samuel Silverman* (UC Santa Barbara)

Peter Tiberio (Arizona)

Zachary Test* (Loughborough)

Nardus Wessels (Arkansas State)

Stay tuned to  for video and blog updates following the All American’s Tour of London. You can also follow the All American Tour on Twitter for real time scoring updates at .

The All American Rugby Team is comprised of the USA’s best collegiate rugby players. The All American tradition of strong collegiate players goes back to before the 1920 and 1924 Olympic gold medal winning teams which were full of the best college rugby players in the country at the time.

With the same All American shield on their chest the current team of players shares a heritage of work ethic, determination and the American drive to succeed despite the odds.

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