University of Minnesota Men's Coaching Job

We are a D1-A men’s collegiate rugby club and the following is a more detailed description and requirements of the position. We, the officers of the club will be supervising at all team functions with the ultimate supervision of conduct lies with the Sports Club program manager, Jessica Novotny.

  • Must be interviewed by the current club officers, captains and anyone else we see fit.
  • Must have previous coaching experience and certified through USA Rugby as an eligible coach or at least go through the process to be certified.
    • Minimum college D1 level required.
  • CPR and First aid certified preferred but not required.
  • Must fill out the proper paperwork through sports club to be hired if chosen to be a coach.
  • Must treat all players with respect, be a good role model, and promote safety and sportsmanship.
  • Must meet with captains and officers once a month to receive feedback from them and the team, and also give the players feedback.
  • Must become familiar and in contact with our alumni organization.
  • Must attend all of in season practices, excluding reasonable excuses.
  • This position must facilitate the growth of our team as a whole; as players, men, and students.
  • Must organize and conduct practice with drills and general fitness to improve our team in a responsible and reasonable manner while abiding by rules set forth by the Sports Club office and the University of Minnesota.
  • Can either bring on an assistant coach that is approved by the team or can find one with the team’s help but presence of a second coach is preferred.
  • If the team feels the need for a third coach it must be openly discussed.
  • The club will pay for transportation and hotels when traveling for a match.
  • This position must help in recruiting through one of three ways:
    • Attending the MN high school state tournament with some team members and talking to anyone interested in our program.
    • Attend one high school practice a week when they are in season and help out and talk to high school players about our program and why they should come to our school and play.
    • Run a camp put on by the team aimed at high schools kids.
  • Compensation for the position can be discussed and/or incentives as well.

For those interested, please email your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..