Team USA Inspired by Local School Visit

Team USA Inspired by Local School Visit

Team USA Inspired by Local School Visit


The USA Men’s Eagle Sevens rugby team visited Glen Taylor Elementary on Tuesday in Las Vegas, and is thoroughly fired up for the upcoming USA Sevens tournament.


Chants of ‘USA’ rattled the windows in the auditorium with all of the Glen Taylor fifth grade students in attendance.  Desiree Williams, a student, opened the assembly with a touching rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, evoking chills and emotion from the team and the audience.  There may have even been a stray ‘Woooooo!’ after ‘..Does that star-spangled banner yet wave’ and before ‘o’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave?’


The students prepared for the visit by learning about the players, the sport, and harnessed a theme inherent in rugby for an essay contest.  The winning essay highlighted the ability of sport to bring nations, people, and players together. 


Coach Al Caravelli addressed the students, choked up by emotion, and emphasized the passion of the team and their drive to make their country proud.


An autograph session followed and the team came away inspired and ready to take on their Pool B opponents starting Friday against North American rivals Canada.

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