Magleby stepping down as Eagles Sevens Head Coach after World Cup

Magleby stepping down as Eagles Sevens Head Coach after World Cup

CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- USA Eagles Sevens Head Coach Alex Magleby has announced he will be stepping down from his role with the Eagles when his contract expires after the Rugby World Cup in Moscow this June.

Magleby began coaching the Eagles in March of 2012 and recently led the squad to three consecutive Plate Final appearances and two Plate Final victories in the most recent Sevens World Series. With the close of the 2013 season and the completion of a World Cup cycle, Magleby found it a fitting time to part ways with the program.

“Timing is much of life, and as we have tried to teach the players, there is a time and a place for most things. The hard part is figuring out where those moments are and will be. My contract ends following the Rugby World Cup in Moscow, and with the subsequent start of the 3-year cycle into the Rio Olympics, now is the right time for transition,” said Magleby.

"There is a collection of quality men training hard every day at the OTC that have made great strides over the last year. The culture and leadership that they have been developing will help the team reach new heights in the coming cycle. I will very much miss working with the guys on a daily basis and will miss being a part of their humor, character, and continued growth."

USA Rugby CEO and President of Rugby Operations Nigel Melville is saddened to see Magleby go, but understands the personal choice his head coach has made.

“I am personally and professionally disappointed that Alex has made the decision to step down as Head Coach of the Men's Eagles Sevens team following the Rugby World Cup Sevens in Moscow. Alex has made great strides with the squad during the last 12 months and we will be sorry to see him go. I know this has been a very tough decision for Alex and wish him every success in the future.”

USA Rugby will now commence the search for a replacement coach and will be posting the position on in the coming hours.

Magleby’s decision comes at a time when the team has recently seen much success and is planning to build on that progress heading into 2016 Olympic Games preparation. USA Rugby and the team’s staff will remain dedicated to the continued improvement of the team and the Sevens program.

“I want to thank Nigel Melville for helping me grow as a coach over the last five years via the Collegiate All-Americans and most recently with the Eagle Sevens. He, along with the USA Rugby Board, and the USOC had faith in me to help build foundations this year for Olympic success in the coming years. I’ve also had great mentors in Nigel and John Crawley of the USOC. With their continued guidance and that of my staff members Andy Katoa, Brian Green, Paul Goulding, and Ryan Gallop, the Eagles will be massively successful in the coming season,” said Magleby.

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  • Guest - Geoff Ball

    This is not a good day for USA Rugby. Alex has showed coaching promise as no other American coach ever has on an international level. I was getting very excited about the future of USA Rugby Sevens. I hope they can find the same type of coach in the current pool and not get the just the same old thing again. USA needs to develop its National coaching and player base not be a graveyard for international players that could not make their own team. Best of luck.

  • Guest - Steve Khan

    Who is currently in the running . Would it be wise to go with one of our young guys and give them the time to keep building and creating?
    Like someone from the current ODPs that are showing a passion and commitment to doing this on a daily basis and not going to leave cause of another job,family or other

  • Guest - eshowe4u

    I sensed a real turning point with the team under Mags. The group is tighter than ever, and are truly playing for each other which is essential for success. I believe it really comes down to money. These top coaches and athletes simply cannot afford to stay with the program on what they make. It is sad because most other countries have significant backing by their Olympic body, which in turn get funded by Federal Funds. Even England, the home of rugby and the IRB uses UK Sport’s National Lottery to fund all Olympic Sports including Rugby. Maybe I am wrong. I would imagine there is more than enough politics in USA rugby!
    [Geoff Ball] – “not be a graveyard for international players that could not make their own team” is a little harsh! The guys that play for this country love this country. You could make the same statement about New Zealand who has numerous athletes playing for it that were born elsewhere. After all Tomasi Cama is easily their best player and he is Fijian. If you are eligible to play for the USA regardless of where you were born, and you are the best man for the job you’re in.

  • Guest - Kayla Felts

    I am both saddened to see Magleby go, and anxious to see who will replace him. Let's keep building on this momentum! Thank you Alex for all of your hard work! Best of luck!