Live from Vegas - Mark Bokhoven

Live from Vegas - Mark Bokhoven

So we are now back in the States after an eventful weekend in Wellington.  These are just my thoughts on the weekend and our team.  I know there will be critics that will talk about how we underperformed, have not made progress, etc. but no one takes these tournaments and games more seriously than us 12 out there on the field.  


We hold ourselves to a standard to so much higher than most can imagine.  We are not in anyway satisfied with the way we played, or the outcome of the tournament, especially on Day 1.  We got away from our game plan that Coach Caravelli set in place, and our fundamentals, which have been drilled repeatedly into our subconscious by Davie Williams.  When we finally started to play together as a team and stuck to the goals which we set out, our performances improved.

This week we are back on the field, working on the basics of rugby.  We are working on always going forward; going forward on attack, in the contact, on defense (pressing up when manned up), in tackles, in line-outs, in scrums... everything always forward.  Playing South Africa first up on Saturday will be a big task for us but I am confident the boys will step up to the challenge.
Lastly, I want to thank everyone for all of their support so far and in anticipation of the huge support we will receive this weekend.  We are doing everything possible: individual video reviews, team video sessions, extra weight sessions and trainings to ensure that this will be a successful weekend.  The 12 of us that are fortunate to pull on the USA Jersey promise to fight for every single moment of every game.  We hope to live up to our own goals and expectations, and therefore make all of you, our supporters, proud to be fans of the Eagles...
- Mark Bokhoven

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