Live from Hong Kong - Taylor Mokate

Live from Hong Kong - Taylor Mokate

Tuesday in Hong Kong and the OCC Cast was in fine form. Paul Sr. (Matt “the polar bear” Hawkins) accompanied as always by Paul Jr. (Marco “Dutchy” Barnard) lead us through a vigorous water polo match for warm up as Mikey (yours truly) provided boundless comical relief. Macaulay Carson Culkin (Davey Williams) was seen watching on proudly.


After a good breakfast it was time to get our pump on. After I managed to lift all the weight the Hong Kong workout facility had to offer I realized I had been robbed of my room key and phone by a the scourge of England (Davey), and promptly framed for the honor/ punishment of Eagle duty.  Followng lunch, Carlton Banks (Miles) and I ventured into the Mall labyrinth attached to our hotel. We were enjoying a fine afternoon stroll before I was stopped from entering a store after Carlton had already entered.


Me: what the heck was that?

Miles: HA! How’s it feeeeeel!?

Me: …..*silence* *shocked silence *

Miles: How the tables have turned.


Upon further investigation it was not prejudice that denied my entry but a delicious coffee I was carrying. As the evening approached we took part in a Skills session on the patio overlooking the pool. Spirits were high and so was the flawless execution lead by Peter (Pistol Pete) and my self of course. It is now 9 here in Hong Kong and I am headed to sleep in order to rest my incredibly handsome yet tired and ripped body.

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