Live from Chula Vista - Zach Test

Live from Chula Vista - Zach Test

Hello Everyone,
Zack Test here. Yesterday morning we got to wake up a little later than usual, which was very nice. After a cheese omelet breakfast, we had a video session reviewing our Wellington opponents. After a short, but sharp training session, we got the afternoon off.


As a team, we went to a Go-kart racing track. The first race was between Colin, Marco, Bok, David Williams, Paul Golding, and Emerick, the victors was Colin who finished with the most laps completed and Marco with the fastest lap time. The second race between: myself, Boyd, Miles, Shalom, Roland, Tai and our leader Matt Hawkins. The victor was Shalom, who placed first and Matt with the fastest lap time. We then headed to our former Manager/Liason Wag's  house which was an unbelievable 13 million dollar home, where boys got to go surfing, play on his putting green or just relax and eat great steak, chicken and fish that was cooked as a collected effort.  Thats all for me folks.

Travel Day - This morning was an early wake up for a gym session and a skills session. We are heading to the airport today to fly to Wellington. But before we head on our exciting journey, we are going to watch Belmont Shore play at 3pm. See you all in Wellington and Vegas. Go Eagles!

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