Live from Chula Vista - Roland Suniula

Live from Chula Vista - Roland Suniula
It's now been a week since we 1st arrived at camp. The boys were stoked to hear the coach say the night before that we had the morning off from training.. Some woke up earlier then others for breakfast while some of us slept in to later squeeze in a quick munch before our 1st meeting of the day.
9am Mental Skills session with Peter who spoke to us about pressure and where it comes from when playing sport and how to deal with it, the boys got stuck in to it with some really insightful questions and interesting discussions..
The rest fo the day the boys pretty much had it off (Free time)
and I'm not sure what everyone else got up to I heard some were playing basketball, some stayed in their rooms and I heard Tai Enosa pretty much was on Facebook for 4hrs (which is no suprise because the only time he gets to network is when he's away from his wife).
But I myself did my usual and secretly snuck away to do some extra fitness and sneak in a video session, taking notes for my team and going that extra yard or two for my teammates.  That little bit extra to make everyone else's day that lil bit easier.. :)
3pm: afternoon session! After that well needed morning break, we had a scrimmage against ourselves.. Boys really emptied the tank and left nothing behind during the 4x10min spells we had. It was physical and played at a fast pace..
Finally, as camp is nearing an end the boys ought to be proud of themselves of how far we have come and acclompished is such a short time we had together.
This is the 'Go2Man' writing aka Roland Suniula.. signing off! Peace to you all and come out and support USA in Vegas!

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