Live from Chula Vista - Colin Hawley

Live from Chula Vista - Colin Hawley

Live from Chula Vista - Colin Hawley

Welcome to the first blog of the Seven's camp from Chula Vista! I am mandated by Davey (the highway) Williams to inform you readers of the particulars to the beginning of my trip. To make a long story short, there was a mix up in my interpretation of the call signs for the airports which landed me at the completely wrong one. Hence, I receive blog duty. Moving on from that debacle, the players arrived at different times throughout the day, so Coach had decided to postpone the fitness test (the YoYo) for tomorrow morning.


We began camp with a meeting to introduce the newcomers and everyone gave an update as to what their time away was like. We moved straight from that into the business portion; a clear analysis of where we are as a team and where we need to be. Coach has targeted a few areas that will be critical to our development through camp and everyone here is pretty excited to get to work. Our first training consisted of a multitude of skill work combined with a good deal of fitness work mixed into the drills.


In all, it was a strong start to camp and all the players are ready to put their nose to the grindstone and get to work. We begin our day tomorrow with a urine density test to measure our hydration levels, breakfast and then straight to the fitness test where we have set a minimum target for everyone on the team that we believe is necessary to achieve our goals. Thanks for reading and we are looking forward to keeping you readers in the loop from the camp. Stay tuned for our next blog poster!

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