Live from Chula Vista - Colin Hawley

Live from Chula Vista - Colin Hawley

Hello Blog Followers! Colin Hawley here, just giving ya'll the update on the squad! We all had a long go of it today with weights, a mental skills session and two training sessions. The morning weight session went well, doing a wide range of lifts from high pulls to single legged RDLs but at six in the morning it is a task to get yourself going to start pushing it in the gym.


Before training, our mental skills coach Peter, led us in guided meditation as well as a recap on the take away topics that we have learned from him over the last couple of days. The main take away point in my opinion was to be in the present, focus on the mechanics in the moment during the game and the outcome will sort itself out from the work you have put in prior. Let the instinct take over and focus on the "cues" of the game to read and react appropriately; that is the art of the game.


There was also another take away point that I would like to share. It is called the tyranny of the "shoulds" and it's the concept that the idea of "we should win" or "I should make this tackle" is a constricting mental concept. Rather than "should" replace it with "want". I want to win, I want to make this tackle. He stressed that the simple change in semantics is extremely beneficial.


Just food for thought, give it a try and let me know what you think. I used it today on the practice field and it seemed to be a positive experience for me. Other than that, training is still going well, we are all working hard and just tightening up the bolts of the machine to get tuned up for the tournaments coming up. Thank you for all your support and for reading the blog, stay tuned for more from the other players in the days to come!!! GO EAGLES!!

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