First Men's Eagles High Performance Sevens camp announced

First Men's Eagles High Performance Sevens camp announced

CHULA VISTA, Calif. – The first Men’s Eagles High Performance Sevens camp of the 2014-15 season has been announced with an athletic group set to join the contracted Eagles squad at the Olympic Training Center Friday, July 18, through Sunday, July 20.

The National Men’s Sevens coaching staff will evaluate current resident Eagles and 29 players from the greater sevens national team pool.

National Development Director for the Eagles Sevens Alex Magleby has included a diverse collection of athletes in the key specialist areas, with a wide spectrum of experience. Welcomed back to Chula Vista are Eagles veterans Colin Hawley, Tai Enosa, Rocco Mauer, and Pila Taufa.

“It’s encouraging to see these OTC vets available once again and playing their way back into contention for international honors. Colin, as an example, proved he was one of the best aerialists in the world in 2013,” Magleby said. “His ability and experience will be a welcome addition to camp.”

Other athletes who could do well in the aerial component of the game include Tyler Coffman, Tom Hickey, Chris Frazier, Matt Hughston, Derek Lipscomb, Adam Sandstrom, and Taufa.

Tyler Barberi, Logan Collins, John Cullen, Paul Eteaki, Mike Garrity, Marcus Henderson, Dominic Mauer, Sean Rafferty, and Jack Tracy all have the makings to be quality workers off the floor with the added physical abilities to go vertical.

“Henderson, a Division I wrestler at Stanford, has continued to develop with the Northeast Rugby Olympic Development Academy after picking up the sport in college. He gets over the ball quickly and has some pace like many of the others in this category,” Magleby said.

“Barberi used to wrestle in the heavyweight class and, at six-foot-four, could prove to be a handful if he continues to develop.

“Eteaki, once he lit the fire, was quite a physical runner at the Elite City Sevens, and started to play and close space like the collegiate linebacker he is. The list goes on. All of these athletes have the makings to be international players.”

A skillful mixture of halfbacks are included with the return of the talented Enosa, along with the varied styles of playmakers Ryan Cochran, Maximo DeAchaval, Chris Mattina, Don Pati, and Ben Roach.

The camp is rounded out by speed with the return of Rocco Mauer and other exciting finishers including Perry Baker, David Hightower, Richard Kirkland, Trevor Tanifum, and Ke’von Williams.

“The game has started to click for Kirkland under the tutelage of Pete Pereira and John Broker in New Haven. Rich is a former corner who has been able to transfer a CB's hipswivel, speed, and spatial closing from football to rugby over the last year,” Magleby said. “Hightower has impressed with his speed as a hurdler; he can move, jump, but also with that background has the ability to open up his hips and play on the floor. This camp may be a bit pre-mature for his current rugby level, but we look forward to seeing if we can help accelerate that.”

Multiple players impressed national team staff at the inaugural Elite City Sevens in June, including All-Tournament Team selections Barberi, Collins, Cullen, de Achaval, Henderson, Mattina, Mauer, and Williams. In total, 16 of the attendees featured at Elite City Sevens.

Others highlight the growing quality of the nascent Olympic Development Academies across the country with 14 of the 29 selected coming out of one of three current ODAs: Northeast, Tiger, and Serevi.

Due to prior commitments, a few players on the Eagles coaching staff’s radar were not available for the weekend camp.

“A handful of athletes were better off playing club sevens this weekend, building towards the National Championship. I imagine a few will play their way into the next HP camp in early autumn based on performance in club sevens, the Serevi Glendale 7s, and/or the World Club 7s,” said Magleby.

The camp is important for both players and staff, as the new systems implemented this year will require competition from inside and outside of the OTC.

Men's Eagles High Performance Sevens camp

NameHeight (in.)Weight (lbs.)Academy / City RegionClub
Perry Baker73180Tiger1823
Tyler Barberi76225PhilladelphiaBaltimore-Chesapeake
Ryan Cochran69188Tiger1823
Tyler Coffman75215CollegiateCentral Washington
Logan Collins74215DenverDenver Barbarians
John Cullen77250SereviSeattle OPSB
Max DeAchaval71195DenverDenver Barbarians
Tai Enosa69190San FrancicsoSFGG
Paul Eteaki73225DallasFort Worth
Chris Frazier75220New England - NRODANortheastern University
Mikey Garrity76230DenverDenver Barbarians
Colin Hawley75207San FrancicsoOlympic Club
Marcus Henderson67170Empire - NRODAOld Blue
Tom Hickey77220CollegiateNotre Dame
David Hightower73190Empire - NRODACT Bulldogs
Matt Hughston75216Washington DCCharlotte RFC
Richard Kirkland72195Empire - NRODACT Bulldogs
Derek Lipscomb74225Empire - NRODAOld Blue
Chris Mattina74200Philadelphia; Empire - NRODANYAC
Rocco Mauer73195SereviSeattle OPSB
Dominic Mauer71210Tiger1823
Don Pati67180TigerUnattached
Sean Rafferty73225Empire - NRODALong Island
Ben Roach72215New England - NRODAAIC
Adam Sandstrom75205Collegiate; ChicagoArizona State; Chicago Lions
Trevor Tanifum71205Washington DCMaryland Exiles
Pila Taufa75205HawaiiMaui
Jack Tracy74217TigerLife University; Belmont Shore
Kevon Williams70180Collegiate; DenverNew Mexico Highlands University

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  • Guest - Charlotte Rugger

    Matt Hughston, Charlotte, NC. I understand he was scouted playing for the DC team, but can we even get the smallest credits?

  • Guest - Topper Gummey

    Perry Baker, Tiger Rugby. He played some Union matches and 7s tournaments exclusively for Daytona between 2004 or 2005 through 2012 or 2013.