Eagles take Gold Coast Sevens Shield with 22-0 defeat of Portugal

Eagles take Gold Coast Sevens Shield with 22-0 defeat of Portugal

GOLD COAST, Australia – The Men’s Eagles Sevens will return home from Gold Coast Sevens with hardware following their 22-0 Shield Final victory against Portugal Sunday.

USA Rugby AIG Men’s Collegiate All-American Stephen Tomasin opened the scoring in the third minute following an offside call against Portugal. Head coach Matt Hawkins took the quick tap and found the youngster for his second try of the tournament and his career for the 5-0 lead.

Zack Test followed suit with a quick tap of his own in the sixth minute and ran past two defenders into the try zone to extend the lead to 10-0. Test kept Portugal from scoring at the halftime whistle by knocking a loose ball in front of the posts away from the onrushing attacker.

Test looked to be hurt following a tackle in the eighth minute, but managed to keep playing and made some effective defensive plays.

Miles Craigwell entered the game in the ninth minute and found Brett Thompson in space in the middle of the field near the Eagles’ own 22. Once he broke through the gain line, he got some help from the referee, who unintentionally got in the way of the last Portuguese defender. Thompson was untouched the rest of the way and scored for a 15-0 Eagles lead.

Test was eventually replaced by Tai Enosa, who took restart duty from Folau Niua. Ryan Matyas had ball in hand down the right side of the field and was being thrown into touch, but he got rid of the ball and it eventually came to Niua, who scored between the sticks. He converted his own try and the Eagles finished the match perfect at 22-0.

Hawkins was pleased with his team’s performance but knows there is work to do for the next round of the IRB HSBC Sevens World Series.

“Now we just have to build off of it,” he said. “We have time to get back and get ourselves organized. It’ll be fun next time. The next one we’ll get better and better and keep moving forward.”

The Eagles finish with a 3-3 record at Gold Coast Sevens and the Shield. Next up is Dubai Sevens from Nov. 29-30.

Men's Eagles Sevens | v. Portugal
1. Carlin Isles (s)
2. Pat Blair
3. Matt Hawkins
4. Ryan Matyas (s)
5. Zack Test
6. Brett Thompson
7. Folau Niua
8. Jack Halalilo (s)
9. Miles Craigwell (s)
10. Tai Enosa (s)
11. Nick Edwards
12. Stephen Tomasin

Men's Eagles Sevens | 22
Tries: Tomasin, Test, Thompson, Niua
Conversions: Niua

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Comments (3)

  • Guest - Adam

    Whoooo! Nice job guys.

  • Guest - Gracie

    Why is Hawkins still playing?? He should understand that he's taking a spot from another potential player that the U.S. can develop during the tour. Just put your full focus on coaching! Anyway, Congrats boys!

  • Guest - Mike

    Evening crew,have just spent my second last day on the Gold Coast before I return to work,and thought I'd leave my thoughts with you about the performance of the American Eagles 7,s team which took part in the first round of the HSBC World 7,s Championship.
    Well I was expecting a lot more,to be honest,but the team just didn't seem in sinc with how to play attacking sevens rugby.
    They seemed void of attacking structure,there passing skills were below average at best, and the contact area they were totally outclassed at the tackle, clean out , and the recycling of fast clean ball to open space.
    My major concern though,is I don't think the crew are sevens fit.
    Yeah they look big and strong,but you have to be able to move that size and strength around the field,and it looked like to me and the group of New Zealanders I watched the entire tournament with,we didn't have the petrol in the tank to even put a decent challenge to the elite sevens nations, like ENG, NZ,OZ,FIJI,SOUTHAFRICA.
    Sure we won the shield,but that's contested between teams who finish 2nd last, or last in there pool,and surely we are better than that.
    We have to aim higher, don't we?
    We should be a force in the abbreviated game,but we seem to be languishing at the bottom of the table.
    Our overall skill sets needs to improve dramatically,passing skills ,speed agility & speed evasion,tackling, cleaning out the ruck skills&ball retention skills, kick restart skills, space awareness &vision, let alone tactical kicking when it's needed and a totally group of fit athletes to implement the coaches plan.
    On that,do we require a player coach?
    Wouldn't HAWK be better suited to being either the coach,or a player, not both.
    Even the great SEREVI had difficulty doing a double act some years ago.
    Dubai will give us a better indication of where we are truly at as a sevens playing team.
    I will continue to support the troops,I just find it difficult at times watching them live,when you know we have got some talent,but we just can't seem to do all the simple things right,at the right times.
    Looking for an improved performance in DUBAI.