Eagles defeat Japan, win Shield at Marriott London Sevens

Eagles defeat Japan, win Shield at Marriott London Sevens

LONDON, England – The Men’s Eagles Sevens rebounded from a fourth consecutive loss at Marriott London Sevens to take home the Shield Sunday at Twickenham Stadium. The Eagles gained three standings points in London to bring their 2013-14 IRB HSBC Sevens World Series total to 41, good for 13th place.

Andrew Durutalo opened the scoring in the Eagles’ Bowl Quarterfinal match against Spain, but this year’s relegated team bounced back with two tries in each half to take the match, 26-7.

The Eagles took out some due frustration on Portugal – the other core Series team on the circuit below the Eagles in the standings – after losing 13 consecutive matches in the last three tournaments with a 45-7 win in the Shield Semifinal. Mike Palefau and Nick Edwards each scored a brace and Madison Hughes kicked five conversions to propel the Eagles into the Shield Final.

Japan fell to Canada in the Bowl Quarterfinal but beat Scotland in the Shield Semifinal to advance to the Final against the Eagles. Matt Hawkins’ men sought redemption for an Emirates Airline Shield Semifinal loss and got it with a 36-12 win. The Eagles scored all six of their tries before Japan scored its two in the final minute of the match to earn the Shield.

Though the Eagles will be disappointed with 13th place, the next year’s IRB HSBC Sevens World Series will help determine the Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games participants after Rugby Sevens was added to the Olympic Program for the first time since 1924.

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  • Guest - The Truth

    13th out of 15 core teams - congrats Matt Hawkins

  • Guest - kcin sehguh

    13 out of 15 is good enough to remain core status. onwards and upwards lads

  • Guest - RUGBYHEAD


    NOT until U.S.A find and give new GOD given talents gametime to push competitiveness to REplace old talents will U.S.A 7s succeed. All teams do this, recruit as many ex gridiron players as possible to replace many residents at your training centre, surely their reputations deserve respect and gametime, U.S.A ONLY have two years to wise up?

    Their's NO MERCY within winning, heart with no emotional connections? Just play to each others skills etc. GEE U.S.A could even beat NZ if they set their minds correctly. CHANGE your teams expectations or something. OVER and OUT!?


    The annoying DEVIL told me that NFL players get sick of playing with themselves, that the CHALLENGE of pushing 7s rugby might get an Olympic medal and possible a 15s contract might allure some!
    WHAT IF you had -
    Tim Tebow insti GATING at centre
    Chris Wiles wing/fullback
    Carl Isles Wing
    Takudzwa Ngwenya Wing

    Maybe Todd Clever, Matt Hawkins or Manu Sanoa might push the forwards for a spot, the olympics may persaude THEM?

    There's alot NFL talent and other athletes too!

  • Guest - ?

    Are gridiron players all swapping codes because rugby has integrity and can't be manipulated by fraud within swapping gameplans to WIN? Although the T.A.B has to legally payout to winners and losers, so whose the winner or loser or who do you play FOR?

  • Guest - RUGGBYHEAD

    THRETTON PALOMO is as big and strong as most forwards, with speed. WHY isn't HE taught forward play?

  • Guest - RUGBYHEAD

    Is Carl Isles going to learn playmaker as a secondary position for 15 or 7s, so he can get gametime and enjoy the game as he will always get the ball. He's already got the pass and speed and defense doesn't matter as much because the forwards back you up. A COMMONSENSE THING. More skills or strings in your bow gives the coach more options.

    On wing he might catch a cold and HAVE to look for work elsewhere anyway.

  • Guest - RUGGBYHEAD

    Wouldn't Thretton Palomo size created space for the wings or forwards. Tim Maupin is good enough to make 15s BUT not 7s? America wants to retain their Olympic GOLD medal and won't try new combinations that might defeat most teams?

  • Guest - ?

    Are Japan and the Portugese going to bolster their team LIKE Spain should of to stay in the IRB 7s curcuit. To get Olympic medal practice then Scotland or Wales might get relegated. Will Brian O'driscal come out of retirement and coach a mens Ireland team to get promoted to the IRB 7s curcuit to become Olympic medal contenders, they've betten the ABs in 15s running backwards for last hundred years. Maybe if they to run forward they might upset the applecart somewhere. Australians are like U.S.A, they have their athletes in other codes and for some reason the Olympics doesn't persaude them?

  • Guest - BlkWido50

    Learning how to tackle rugby football style (not American football style) would help the team tremendously, along with better spacing, footwork and execution. As a former rugby player, it seems that the Eagles need to seriously work on the fundamentals.

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