Caravelli Describes his ideal 7s Player

Caravelli Describes his ideal 7s Player

Could you be the perfect Rugby Sevens player in the eyes of US Sevens coach Al Caravelli? Find out here in his latest column article for and get in touch…

This weekend the Olympic Sport of Rugby Sevens is going to air live on prime time in the States on NBC and millions of people will watch our amazing sport, and incredible athletes for the very first time.

So for those of you who are new to the game, and also for those who aren't, here is what I think makes the perfect Sevens player.

Physically I'm after an athelete who is between 6' and 6'2, 200-210 lbs, who can cover 40 metres in 4.6-4.7 seconds and has a VO2 max of about 65 or higher, which translates into a beep test score of 15.5 or higher.

They also need to be a solid defender, meaning that he can make a dominant tackle half of the time and secure the tackle the other half, never missing a tackle.

When he gets into space he can finish a try-scoring chance and if he has that speed then he could.

He has jumping ability - vertical leaps of over 35 inches - great hands and then great vision in the field to be able to identify mis-matches, but also the space where he can himself go and finish off attacks.

He also needs to be a great communicator. That means that he needs to have the background from other sports to enable him to constantly communicate. The first thing that comes to mind for me here is basketball because they are talking the entire time while they're moving.

That's the ideal. So if you're out there, get in touch!

Who comes closest to this on the Series?  >>

In terms of athletes out there that you might want to benchmark yourselves against then I'd say look at Michael Vick from the Philedelphia Eagles. He'd be one of the first guys that I'd choose. He's fast, powerful, explosive, he's got great vision, he's athletic. He has the vision of a Nese Malifa or a Ben Gollings, he's got the power of a DJ Forbes but he's got the speed of a Sherwin Stowers or Bryan Habana. Pretty scary..

And nobody can have all of the attributes that I'm after, they'd be superhuman if they did, but if you want to see someone on the World Series who comes pretty close in my eyes, then watch out for Samoa's forwards Alafoti Fa'osiliva and Ofisa Treviranus because of their speed and power. I've studied them quite a bit and they also have very good vision - they identify when there is a mis-match and know how to wrong the player that they're going after. It's also fair to say that they usually don't miss their tackles!

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